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Jun 6, 2001 05:15 PM

Irvington, NY (not too expensive if possible)

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Is there anything that's good but not too expensive in Irvington, NY? I know about Solera and Fuffi (now called Xty, by the way) but they're kind of pricey. I found a place called Il Sorriso but they're also on the high side (although we could probably have a not too expensive meal with their pastas).

Broadway Bar & Grill has a decent rating in Zagat and isn't too expensive, but I can't find their menu online. Remi's is also not that expensive, and actually very convenient for the theatre, but I'm not sure how good it is (Zagat says 16, which isn't a good sign although one of their comments is that it's "getting better"). River City Grille isn't even written up in Zagat and seems to be kind of on the high end based on their web site.

I spent $150 on tickets for the evening so I'm trying to avoid spending another bundle on dinner. Plus there may be a bunch of us meeting before the show, and I'm sure many of them don't want to spend $40 for dinner.


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    stephen kaye

    5-10 min away, in the town of tarrytown is a place called horsefeathers. bar/pub atmosphere good wholesome food, generous portions, friendly etc, not pricey.

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      Interesting.. I have driven past Horsefeathers and it looked nice, although I went to their web site and the menu doesn't look quite like what I was in the mood for. Anyway, our group is not going to materialize so it's just my wife and me, so I think we will have Japanese, either Ichi Riki or Wasabina (see my other thread about a strange message on their door).


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        I ate at Horsefeathers this past winter before attending a concert at Tarrytown Music Hall. Probably okay for sandwiches, soup and such but my entree was very disappointing. I don't expect the real article when i order jerk chicken in a non-Carribean restaurant but it wasn't even remotely similar to jerk - I can do better at home with a jar of sauce and a boneless chicken breast that marinates overnight. It was a disappointment but the atmosphere was pleasant and the service friendly.

        1. re: Owen O'Neill
          Josh Mittleman

          Indeed. Horsefeather's is a place for a burger and a beer. They have a nice list of bottled beers, and they make a good burger. They also make OK sandwiches, but their onion rings are always disappointing: They LOOK great but don't deliver.

          However, for burgers these days, I go to Squire's on N. State Rd. in Briarcliff. They make a GREAT burger.

        2. re: Bill

          Both Icki and Wasabina are fun - hope you liked them. Horsefeathers is another bar with food (although not a bad menu) but is SERIOUSLY overpriced for the quality and the drinks for a bar are really pretty bad. They need some new blood behind the bar, methinks.

          Happy eating.

        3. re: stephen kaye

          As a twenty (20) year resident of Tarrytown, stay away from Horsefeathers at all costs.

          Terrible place, your basic bean chili and bad burger joint.

          Get your muzerell' stick fix somewhere else.

          The owners, especially the wife, well... enough said.

        4. Re: eats in Irvington, I'm afraid you've already found a couple of the high points of eating in town and that's the average price you're going to find unless you want pizza. And if you want pizza, I've gotta suggest Dobbs Ferry or Hastings (but I digress). Solera, Il Sorriso, and River City are great (though they can get pricey real quick). Remi's is good eats. Just don't sit in the back when it's warm or you will sweat through your meal. Broadway Bar & Grill is a bar with food - don't think about it.

          I can understand wanting to keep things reasonably priced with the tickets - I'm assuming you're going to something at the Irvington Town Hall Theatre that evening, coming up on the train and so a meal in another village (really necessitating a car) isn't an option. Unfortunately, the price range you've seen in Irvington is what you'll pretty much find across the board in our fair village.

          Happy eating!

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          1. re: Amy Lee

            Actually we were driving, so we were able to go to another town, but I expected to meet other people who were taking the train up. In any event, they were not able to make it up for dinner, so we ended up going to Ichi Riki in Elmsford, which is quick and reliable. We were going to go to Wasabina, but we only had an hour for dinner, and I really didn't think it was a good idea to rush through my first meal at a place that looked unusual and promising. Also the fact that there had been a sign in the window (at Wasabina) saying that as of the following week they would be changing their menu to (paraphrasing here) improve customer satisfaction got me a little concerned.


          2. Finally tried Sunset Cove this past wek. Very popular, couldn't get reservation several other times. Beautiful location on the river in the shadow of the TZ Bridge. Outdoor tables or large windows inside. Waitress was cool and helpful. Had a chicken/sausage/mixed peppers thing in a dark, slightly hot/slightly sweet sauce: superb. 4 people, no booze or dessert: $105.00 This olace has gotten a lot of word of mouth in the county, and deserves it.