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May 27, 2001 12:20 PM

Exchange Place lunch options

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Hello all! My office has relocated to Exchange Place...just outside the PATH station. Can anyone help us with ideas for lunch within walking distance? There are lots of posts for Jersey City ethnic food...we are not sure where these restaurants are! We've had lunch at the Iron Monkey (mixed reviews from our group of six). We just can't bear another week of deli, Blimpie, Au Bonne Pain and Harborside food court. Save us!!

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  1. If you try the search box on the home page and enter "Exchange Place Jersey City", you'll find a few messages that are part of larger discussion you'll find to be of interest. If you enter just "jersey city", you'll get a lot more suggestions, some near Exchange Place, some not.

    Also, what a coincidence, five minutes ago we herd from another new poster ("Suemax"), who ALSO just had her office moved to Jersey City! Maybe you two should get together and compare "new-to-the-nabe" notes!

    And you guys should also get to know "Teensy" who posted to Outer Boroughs between those two postings, and has a real similar writing style, so the 3 of you with so much in common might wind up big friends!

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      I missed the search window on the home page-thank you for pointing it out. We are heading out to Lisbon restaurant on Friday. Ciao for now, Miranda.
      P.S. Timmy, Teensy is my husband.

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      Barrie Covington

      I posted a few of these before, but within walking distance, I would recommend Komegashi. It's on the corner of Montgomery and Warren, and it's good quality Japanese food. Next door is Lisbon, a Portugese restaurant. Haven't had lunch there, but it might be an option. Anything to avoid Au Bon Pain!!!