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May 27, 2001 11:49 AM

Anyone with Pleasantville, NY recommendations?

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Looking for local recommendations for very inexpensive but delicious places in Pleasantville, NY or nearby region(Thornwood, Valhalla,).


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  1. Iron Horse Grill

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      Neither one of these places is inexpensive. I second Pony Express, which is mentioned below.

    2. For inexpensive and very good try Pony Express. It's the owner of Iron Horse Grill's new take-out place. There are 8-10 seats to eat in as well. The menu has sliders (maybe the best I've had in a long time)three come to an order for $5.99. It's all
      sirloin and very tasty. They also have quesadillas, hot dogs,
      and chopped salads with either fried calamari, chicken or shrimp on top. In the past week I think I've eaten there three times. It's that good. One of those places that when word gets around will spread like fire. It is located literally right next store to Iron Horse.

      1. Iron Horse has ok food but portions are small and the room is small and very noisy. Very expensive and definitely not worth the money.

        Pony Express is not a place I would recommend as delicious.

        Great Buffet at Southbound if you enjoy good BBQ. One of the better BBQ places in the area.

        Goldfish in Ossining had great dishes in spite of the Times review. A little noisy, but the food was good. The herb fries were a nice touch.

        Jackson & Wheeler has Chef from the Kittle House. That made me try them out after couple of year hiatus from original Chef. Talk about night and day. Food was excellent and priced reasonably for area. Had great server who gave me golf tips for my game.

        If you want very casual, Lucios Pizza for take out or sit in with a few tables. Great sandwiches and tremendous calzones.

        Of course, Kittle House is a standard but not inexpensive.

        Hope this helps.

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          1. Michael's has great burgers (and some good wraps/salads, but seriously overpriced). If you want great Italian, A'Mangiare is next door.

            Michael's Tavern
            150 Bedford Rd, Pleasantville, NY

            152 Bedford Rd, Pleasantville, NY

            Jean-Jacques (468 Bedford Road) has pretty looking (very rich) treats and hot drinks and is a fun place to hang out, even late.

            Excellent Italian pastries at Artuso's in Thornwood.

            Whatever you do, do NOT go to McArthur's!!! It's horrible.

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            1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

              I do not recommend Jean Jacques. The last 3 times I've gone in, they've either messed up my food to the point of inedibility or 'lost' the order, even though we were the only people in there. The staff ranges from somewhat capable to barely functioning.
              While McArthur's isn't terrific either, I'd rather go there than JJ. And the Pleasantville Diner beats both of them.

              1. re: marmite

                Jean Jaqcues is OK in a pinch (soups are usually good) but it's expensive and the service is fair at best. I, too, would rather hold my nose and go to McArthurs, though I never find much there I really want to eat (I don't eat meat), and it's also overpriced.

                What do you like at the Pleasantville Diner?

                1. re: spa

                  I mostly like the dependability- I can go there before movies at the Burns and know I'll get what I ask for in a timely fashion, with no attitude. I've never had an issue with the food. The waiters are nice. And I love the murals! :)