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May 17, 2001 01:44 PM

Chicken Barbecue NOT Barbecued Chicke-Our own Q!

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It's amazing to me that in the several years I've been visitng these boards, not a mention has been made of the northeast/mid-atlantic region's very own style of barbecue. I'm referring to the half-chicken,
"Cornell recipe" genre so common in the Ithaca/Southern Tier region, and in Delaware and Maryland, made by independant roadside crews and served at firehouse fundraisers.

These half birds are always cooked over coals and construction wood timbers on steel grates, and are often sublime.They're always referred to as "chicken barbecue" (as opposed to the more common reverse wording.) Sometimes accompanied by that other regional specialty, salt potatos, and often macaroni salad and beans based on the commercial "Grandma's", an upstate brand. Frank's Red Devil Sauce is usually the only condiment.

Anyone want to share their favorite CB spots? I can't believe the dreaded Sterns haven't already done a story on this.

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