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May 16, 2001 12:31 AM

Fish markets in North Jersey

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Any recommendations for a fish market in Bergen/Passaic/Northern Essex that sells very fresh, top-quality seafood?

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  1. Peter's Fish Market
    Godwin Ave. next to Sears Hardware
    Midland Park
    (first-hand info. -- very reliable and knowledgeable)

    Butch's Live Lobster Sales (the old Emerson Fish Truck)
    274 Third Ave.
    (on recommendation of many others)

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    1. re: M-L.

      I'll second Peter's. My parents live in the next town and they always get their fish from Peter's. The guys who work there do a great job preparing the fish (like ifyou want a whole fish gutted and scaled.) They'll also tell you how to cook it and it is always fresh and great quality.

      1. re: M-L.

        Definitely Peter's and I'll go beyond talking about the quality. A few years back, I asked Steve Sr., over the phone for a price quote on lobster tails. He thought I asked for 3 oz. when I asked for 6 oz. He quoted the price for 3 oz., which is obviously less expensive. I put it in the budget for a non-profit event. Steve realized his mistake later, yet still stuck to that quoted price and delivered to me 6 oz. tails.

        1. re: JuliaE

          Lobster tails are always FROZEN.

      2. Try Butch's Live lobster sales at 274 Third Avenue in Westwood, NJ. It used to be the The Emerson Fishtruck, but moved to a storefront. Was very good when it was the fish truck, have not been to Westwood (a little out of the way). See link posted below.


        1. Whole Foods Market/Fresh Fields in Edgewater, Montclair or Millburn has the best! And also soon to open in Ridgewood.

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          1. re: Lu

            I've been disappointed with the fish at Fresh Fields in Montclair ... not very fresh and overpriced.

          2. Freeman's, Maplewood.

            1. m
              Mike Southwell

              Pompton Seafood on Cannonball Rd (on the corner behind the old train station) is outstanding.

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              1. re: Mike Southwell
                Mike Southwell

                oops, that's in Pompton Lakes