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Fish markets in North Jersey

craig May 16, 2001 12:31 AM

Any recommendations for a fish market in Bergen/Passaic/Northern Essex that sells very fresh, top-quality seafood?

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  1. m
    M-L. RE: craig May 16, 2001 10:03 AM

    Peter's Fish Market
    Godwin Ave. next to Sears Hardware
    Midland Park
    (first-hand info. -- very reliable and knowledgeable)

    Butch's Live Lobster Sales (the old Emerson Fish Truck)
    274 Third Ave.
    (on recommendation of many others)

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    1. re: M-L.
      Julie H. RE: M-L. May 17, 2001 08:05 AM

      I'll second Peter's. My parents live in the next town and they always get their fish from Peter's. The guys who work there do a great job preparing the fish (like ifyou want a whole fish gutted and scaled.) They'll also tell you how to cook it and it is always fresh and great quality.

      1. re: M-L.
        JuliaE RE: M-L. May 28, 2011 01:09 PM

        Definitely Peter's and I'll go beyond talking about the quality. A few years back, I asked Steve Sr., over the phone for a price quote on lobster tails. He thought I asked for 3 oz. when I asked for 6 oz. He quoted the price for 3 oz., which is obviously less expensive. I put it in the budget for a non-profit event. Steve realized his mistake later, yet still stuck to that quoted price and delivered to me 6 oz. tails.

        1. re: JuliaE
          menton1 RE: JuliaE May 28, 2011 03:24 PM

          Lobster tails are always FROZEN.

          1. re: menton1
            JuliaE RE: menton1 May 28, 2011 04:15 PM

            And your point is?

      2. j
        JD RE: craig May 16, 2001 01:07 PM

        Try Butch's Live lobster sales at 274 Third Avenue in Westwood, NJ. It used to be the The Emerson Fishtruck, but moved to a storefront. Was very good when it was the fish truck, have not been to Westwood (a little out of the way). See link posted below.

        Link: http://www.fishtruck.com

        1. l
          Lu RE: craig Jun 16, 2001 02:11 PM

          Whole Foods Market/Fresh Fields in Edgewater, Montclair or Millburn has the best! And also soon to open in Ridgewood.

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          1. re: Lu
            craig RE: Lu Jun 16, 2001 11:59 PM

            I've been disappointed with the fish at Fresh Fields in Montclair ... not very fresh and overpriced.

          2. r
            Ralph S. RE: craig Jun 25, 2001 07:01 PM

            Freeman's, Maplewood.

            1. m
              Mike Southwell RE: craig Jul 1, 2001 05:20 PM

              Pompton Seafood on Cannonball Rd (on the corner behind the old train station) is outstanding.

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              1. re: Mike Southwell
                Mike Southwell RE: Mike Southwell Jul 1, 2001 05:21 PM

                oops, that's in Pompton Lakes

              2. b
                Bill O. RE: craig May 27, 2011 12:57 PM

                rarely disappointed w/ the fish mkt in downtown maywood (pleasant ave).

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                1. re: Bill O.
                  Picnicchef RE: Bill O. May 27, 2011 01:24 PM

                  I swear by Off The hook in Demerest Farms. Their wholesale business is in Midland Park.

                2. m
                  maryanne06 RE: craig May 27, 2011 01:30 PM

                  Denville Seafood is also very excellent if you are out in Morris County.

                  Denville Seafood
                  61 Broadway Ste 5, Denville, NJ 07834

                  1. menton1 RE: craig May 27, 2011 01:31 PM

                    Fairway in Paramus has a fabulous fish counter, large selection, top quality, fresh fish. Knowledgeable staff as well.

                    1. a
                      amie RE: craig May 27, 2011 01:52 PM

                      Off The Hook is very good!! It is in De Pieros Farms in Montvale not Demarest farm!

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                      1. re: amie
                        Picnicchef RE: amie May 29, 2011 06:12 AM

                        Merci. I buy wholesale, so I go through Midland Park, but thanks for the correction!

                      2. s
                        scholar399 RE: craig May 27, 2011 05:35 PM

                        We always get our fish from pEters in midland park. If not there than off the hook. I believe they are the same family

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                        1. re: scholar399
                          agnesrob RE: scholar399 May 29, 2011 08:48 AM

                          I love Anchor Seafood on Kinderkamack Rd. in Montvale. Besides fresh fish they make and sell some really delicious prepared foods. I really like their lobster bisque, white clam sauce and their homemade herring in cream sauce.

                        2. s
                          scarlet knight RE: craig May 29, 2011 02:36 PM

                          anything else in west essex? I find whole foods overpriced and not fresh. My last two cod purchases have tasted of ammonia. Won't buy that again.

                          Has anyone tried the chinese market near home depot in east hanover?

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                          1. re: scarlet knight
                            menton1 RE: scarlet knight May 29, 2011 06:16 PM


                          2. m
                            mdsull804 RE: craig Apr 19, 2013 11:25 AM

                            I'm Looking for a really good fish market in upper passic county area..

                            1. m
                              maryanne06 RE: craig Apr 19, 2013 12:40 PM

                              Corrado's in Wayne gets deliveries from the wonderful Peter's Fish Market. They have many great options.

                              1. CFByrne RE: craig Jul 8, 2013 09:04 AM

                                I'm arriving at Newark Airport this Friday,and will be driving out west to Philipsburg via 78/22.

                                Can someone please advise which of these recommendations might be best for a reasonably easy detour from my route?

                                In particular I'm looking for a load of large little neck, or better yet, cherrystone or chowder clams.


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                                1. re: CFByrne
                                  PuniceaRana RE: CFByrne Jul 8, 2013 02:04 PM

                                  First thought is to try Kings in Whitehouse Station, it is right on 22. If you call in advance, they will be sure to hold your order for you. (They tend to sell out on Fridays, so call.)

                                  531 U.S. Hwy. 22 East Whitehouse Station, NJ 908-534-6888

                                  1. re: CFByrne
                                    fourunder RE: CFByrne Jul 8, 2013 05:48 PM

                                    If not mistaken... in lieu of a Tax ID number, if you provide your Social Security Number on the form, you can open an account or obtain a one day pass at the Restaurant Depot in Union,

                                    Perhaps you can call and they will give you the details.


                                    Shoprite also has Littlenecks on sale this week...50/ct for $14.99

                                    As noted above, best to call in advance and reserve.

                                    1. re: CFByrne
                                      Forklaw RE: CFByrne Jul 8, 2013 07:47 PM

                                      Metropolitan Seafood is excellent.
                                      On Route 22, very very close to Route 78 on your way to p'burg.
                                      (Take 78 West to exit 20A to Route 22)
                                      check their website or call, but as of today they are listing cherrystone and littlenecks



                                      1. re: Forklaw
                                        PuniceaRana RE: Forklaw Jul 8, 2013 09:05 PM

                                        Yes, Metropolitan Seafood is good, just be careful about timing, as they close early (I think 7pm) Not sure what time the OP will be landing and then driving through the area.

                                        1. re: PuniceaRana
                                          CFByrne RE: PuniceaRana Jul 9, 2013 02:25 AM

                                          Metropolitan looks right up my alley. These folks obviously know shellfish - and much more.

                                          I'll be landing at EWR around noon so schedule should not be a problem.

                                          Thanks much NJ CH'ers.

                                          If you ever need any South Florida recos, hit me up on the Miami board.

                                    2. njmarshall55 RE: craig Jul 8, 2013 06:07 PM

                                      Anyone know if North American Lobster on Rt. 17 closed?

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                                      1. re: njmarshall55
                                        fourunder RE: njmarshall55 Jul 8, 2013 06:08 PM

                                        It closed years ago.....Became a steakhouse or two.....now a Biggie's Clam Bar location doing very well....sorry, but not retail fish available.

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