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May 14, 2001 01:16 PM

HELP: Westchester-area-Places-to-shop-for-Interesting-Food/Cheeses

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This weekend I want to take two best friends on a car-based food-shopping-tour of Westchester area (could be farther afield) places. For example, I had planned to go to Egg Farm Dairy for artisanal cheeses before they closed. I would appreciate suggestions for unusual/Artisanal items such as cheeses, chocolates, prepared foods, "roadside" foods, etc. We are eclectic and love food from the best souvlaki cart to Caviarteria. Try us. Thank you.

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    Josh Mittleman

    Your best bet is to read this bulletin board. What you've asked for is almost a summary of all the discussions here.

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      I have read board and while some are helpful it's very restauranty and many Complaints about bad places (as it should be) also, I wanted to get the latest suggestions. But thank you.

      1. re: Alley

        Hartsdale cheese shop has good cheese as does a small shop in Scarsdale Village - Michael's. The best cheese shop I've found though is Auray in Larchmont on Palmer Avenue. The Owner is very knowledgable about cheeses from all over.

        1. re: Sally
          Josh Mittleman

          In northern Westchester, I buy cheese in three places these days:

          Turco's in Yorktown Heights. Excellent cheese selection, well maintained.

          Whipporwill in Mt. Kisco. A small selection, but some very good cheeses.

          Mt. Kisco Smokehouse. On the recommendation of the chef at Iron Horse Cafe, we went back to take a look at the retail business, under new management. It is much improved in selection, presentation, and service. They have a fine selection of a couple dozen cheeses. They don't seem to know them very well, but will happily give you tastes until you decide. Try the Boule d'Or; it's a lovely, nutty cheese with a gorgeous orange color.

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