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May 12, 2001 09:07 AM

Benefit Wine Auction in Mt. Kisco-We'll be there, with the new cheeses!

  • j

Northern Westchester Center for the Arts is holding its annual wine auction, tonight, Saturday, May 12, to benefit the Center's educational programs.

Nina and I will be there, sampling the cheeses from Sprout Creek Farm, our first Grasslands Cheese Consortium producer. We'll also be serving a roasted tomato, pepper and mushroom lasagna, made with artisanal ricotta and some young grass cheeses.

The NWCA wine auction is quite an event, even if you're not going to be bidding on the bottles with bids that sound more like down payments. Besides our cheeses, there will be a grazing buffet courtesy of perhaps a dozen chefs, as well as a broad array of excellent wines to taste. There is a $75 donation for admission, quite a bit less than dinner at Ducasse.

The event begins at 8:00, at NWCA. NWCA is located north of Beautiful Downtown Mt. Kisco, on route 117. For directions and further info, call 914-241-6922

See you there?



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  1. j
    Josh Mittleman

    Aargh! I wish you'd given us a few days' notice. So, did anyone get there? How were the cheeses?

    (We were at a wine tasting in Darkest Jersey. A friend learned that 98 Cotes de Rhone were very good, so he bought a dozen assorted bottles and invited a crowd to taste them. My verdict is that if 98 was a very good year for Cotes de Rhone, then I don't need to drink Cotes de Rhone.)