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May 1, 2001 08:18 PM

we're baa-aack! Sprout Creek Farm cheese production has begun! (spam and cheese?)

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At long last, we made our first batch of grassland cheeses at Sprout Creek Farm in Dutchess County today (almost exactly one year after my last cheese make at EFD.)

The cheeses so far are:

-Barat, a small soft-ripening wheel of 12 ounces, which when fully ripe is molten inside

-A fresh artisanal Ricotta, made in the Tuscan style, as taught to me be my good friend Tillo, a shepherd with 600 sheep south of Florence

-An unnamed five-pound wheel for aging

The ricotta is ready now, and you have to taste it to see just how entirely different it is from the tub stuff of commerce. The other cheeses are available as young cheeses now, with ripe ones becoming available in late June.

Also, the farm will be open to the public at soon-to-be-announced dates and times: it is 35 minutes from my house in Yorktown, right up the Taconic above 82.

Web sales will begin in a few weeks-to be kept abreast of developments, please visit the website (link below) and join our blissfully infrequent e-mailing list.


Jonathan, Nina, Paula, Tobias, Jacob, and a whole bunch of bovines.....



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  1. d
    Dave Feldman

    Best of luck, Jonathan. Many of us have been waiting to sample your new stuff. Long may you porosper.

    1. Is that the rt 82 in Lagrangeville? If so, is Sonny's, right near there on authursburg road, still great for pizza?

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      1. re: Jim Leff
        Jonathan White, Cheesemaker

        I don't know Sonny's Pizza-but then again, I've been busy building a dairy, and haven't ventured out into the surroundings much. Maybe Sonny's is east of the TSP on Arthursburg?

        There is actually very little good to eat in Dutchess, unless I'm just plain unlucky.