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Apr 29, 2001 12:12 AM

Adirondack Grill - Glen Cove

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A beautiful new restaurant has opened on the site of a former Friendly's ice cream store in Glen Cove. These people have taken great pains to show that they care about atmosphere. They have created a rustic Adirondack lodge-look, which is really unique, with hand-made antler lighting fixtures and other furnishings to make you feel like you're upstate at some mountain lake somewhere.

You want to root for a place like this to make it, because such effort to create a unique and comfortable atmosphere should not go unrewarded.

And the food is good too! Nice selection of salads, meats, fish, all done with a self-assured flair that you might expect at a more snooty, high-priced place. This place has a family in mind, and I would be surprised and disapointed if they don't last.

Venison is on the menu, pork chops (yum!), salmon, brook trout, pastas (yum!), good looking steaks (didn't try one). I had a nice Japanese soba soup appetizer. Friends had blue point oysters and "duck straw" salad.

"Friendly" service, but, alas, no Fribble on the menu...

Check it out, despite the NY Times review.

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  1. Where's Glen Cove? This board covers three states minus the city at the mouth of the Hudson River.

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    1. re: old red

      For some reason, Jim Leff doesn't deem Long Island a hotbed of gustatory delights worthy of its own discussion board. There's a Manhattan board, an Outer-boroughs board, and a Tri-state board.
      Where does Long Island, with its 5-6 million people and thousands of restaurants go?

      1. re: It's me

        sorry for my delayed response!

        I couldn't agree more. But c'mon, this is far from the worst problem here. The ENTIRE MIDWEST fits onto one puny board! The WHOLE COUNTRY OF CANADA likewise!

        The problem is that fixing these issues entails a domino chain of improvements, each step of which requires time and money, both of which are in short supply.

        meanwhile, thanks to everyone for "making do".