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Apr 11, 2001 02:35 PM

Tenafly calling "Ciao Bella"

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I recently saw that Ciao Bella has opened a gelateria in Tenafly, a few doors away from the movie theatre. I would get their gelato from one of their NYC locations whenever possible, which actually wasn't often enough, given the location of the other stores. Anyway, I'm so happy there's yet another great place for ice cream in my area. They also serve other light fare, but I didn't bother to look to close at the menu. Unfortunately, the service in the store was VERY slow (at an ice cream counter - if you can believe that) and the girl wouldn't stamp my frequent buyer card from NY because she didn't know if the NJ store would apply to that (duh?). But still, I'm thrilled it's opened!

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  1. Cool. I just moved to Tenafly and my usual gelato place is in Cliffside Park (Bertolotti). Now I dont have to schlep. I'll check it out.