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Mar 26, 2001 01:35 PM

Pizza - Cortlandt Manor

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What are the impressions of the Westchester Chowhounds on any (or preferably all) of these pizza places near my future residence? Any good? Any to avoid? Any other suggestions? Any other good food places nearby (I'm sort of doubting it)? I'll be in Cortlandt Manor off Furnace Dock Road, near Croton Avenue.

Santa Lucia Pizzeria (actually, this one I know has fans here, but how about the others -- they're closer)
418 Washington St
Peekskill, NY 10566-4530
Phone: (914)737-4445

Little Sorrento
3566 Crompond Rd
Cortlandt Manor, NY ZipCode
Phone: (914)736-6767

Sunshine Pizza Restaurant
Route 202
Peekskill, NY 10566-7212
Phone: (914)737-5966

2093 E Main St
Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567-2617
Phone: (914)739-5237

Al Forno Brick Oven Pizzeria
2 Westbrook Dr
Cortlandt Manor, NY ZipCode
Phone: (914)526-7285

Number 1 Pizza
120 Grand St
Croton On Hudson, NY ZipCode
Phone: (914)271-2333


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  1. I live (until July, when we move over closer to Teatown) in Cortlandt off of Mt. Airy Road. Only one on your list I know is #1 Pizza, which I like a lot. Thin crust (not too thin), fresh ingredients, fresh mushrooms, not canned, good white pizza, etc. Haven't had anything at the restaurant attached. Cappriccio's down the road is also good (there are two of them - I haven't detected a huge difference between I and II, other than parking space availability!)

    Good luck in your search!


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    1. re: Nancy

      Thanks to everyone who responded to my request for info on pizza in the Cortlandt Manor/Peekskill/Croton area. How about Chinese? What do you all think is the best in the area -- which for me can easily include western Yorktown as well.

      I am definitely looking very forward to Turco's thanks to hearing about it here. According to mapsonus, about 9 minutes from my house-to-be. (Like I mentioned before, off Furnace Dock, near Croton Ave). Moving from Manhattan, it's great to know there will be a market like this nearby.

      What else will be a quick shot for me? Mostly, BTW, I like to cook at home, and am looking very very very forward to my deck and grill!!


      1. re: mascher


        My favorite Chinese place in the area is Sue and Hai's in Yorktown. It's an easy trip from Turco's, right on Rte. 118 (never know what the name of that road is) right across from the Mobil Station. They also have wonderful Japanese food, both cooked and sushi.

        I like Far East Kitchen in Croton, especially the specials they post on a blackboard (ask what they have there even if you're getting take out). New China III in Croton is also good but only take out. It's on Maple Avenue (Rte. 129) directly across from the Shell station, in the same little shopping area as the original Capriccio.


        1. re: Elisa Davis
          Josh Mittleman

          I haven't tried New China; its rather run-down take-out-joint appearance turns me off.

          Far East Kitchen (and the restaurants that have preceded it in that location) has varied in quality. Recently, they've been on an upswing; they must have a new, good chef. The last few times we've eaten there, the food has been quite reasonable.

          1. re: Josh Mittleman

            Yes, New China III is surprisingly good, although given a choice I tend to prefer to support a place with sitdown space, too.

            Have you had any of the various greens that Far East Kitchen has as specials? I'm especially fond of the bok choy and also the Chinese spinach.

    2. j
      Josh Mittleman

      I too have heard good things about Santa Lucia, but the only time I was able to get there, the restaurant was closed.

      Number 1 is OK, but not as good as it used to be. For my money, the best pizza in Croton is at the original Capriccio's: They have the most splendid sauce. Capriccio II is almost as good, and has nice pasta dishes and soups.

      Best bargain in Croton: Pizza sauce to go from the original Capriccio, 50c for a cup. Boil some pasta and you've got a meal.

      1. I grew up on Furnace Dock Road. The best pizza used to be at the now-closed Sorrento's in Peekskill. Lucia's is very good, although the atmosphere is pretty dreary. Same for the Paradise Restaurant in Verplank. I would also recommend Ossining Pizza Restaurant in (you guessed it) Ossining, opposite Melrose Lumber.

        1. Marie,

          In Montrose, Two Brothers Pizza (across the street from Coles, right near Hen Hud HS) is excellent. In Croton, besides the Capriccio places, try Honey's which is a bar on Riverside Ave. (9A) just south of the Senasqua Rd. exit. They make marvelous thin-crust pizza.

          Don't discount the pizza at Pizza & Brew either.


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          1. re: Elisa Davis
            Josh Mittleman

            You seriously like Pizza & Brew?

            1. re: Josh Mittleman

              Josh, not as a destination, but their pizza can be good, especially the "special" ones. But Honey's, Capriccio II, and Two Brothers are definitely superior.

          2. I would check out Lake Mohegan on Rt. 6. I hear that is where Tony and Joe from Bill's Pizza in Peekskill moved their pizza store. Bill's Pizza is the best pizza from New Heaven to Carmine Street. Take it from one who knows too well.