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Mar 19, 2001 01:59 PM

Newark, NJ dinner suggestions (post NJPAC show)?

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Im looking for some dining suggestions to pass onto my parents and their friends following a show at the NJ Performing Arts Center. I tried searching Newark, NJ and came up short on ideas.

Any suggestions for a nice post-theatre dinner in Newark, NJ would be greatly appreciated. My research turned up a decent review of Arthurs in the Star Ledger but it is closed on Sundays. I did have a good meal at Peninsula two years ago but would love some other suggestions.

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    Michele Lifshen Reing

    A Peter Kump classmate of mine -- Denise Scanlon -- recently became the pastry chef at a fairly new restaurant in Newark called Maize (973.639.1200). I haven't yet been, but it sounds very upscale with good food. It's located in the Robert Treat Hotel. I have no affiliation with the restaurant, whatsoever. If you do go, I'd be interested to hear about it. Denise was the best in our link below...
    - Michele


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      Rosie/Food Bytes

      I had dinner recently at Maize and it was VERY good. Service needs improving though.Other suggestions are Spanish Sangria on Magazine St. It is off the beaten track and about 10 minutes from PAC. In Harrison I like Spanish Pavilion.


    2. I think there are a lot of nice Portugeuse and Brazilian restaurants in the Ironbound section but it's been many years since I've been there so any recommendation would be very outdated.

      1. Maize has received very good reviews nearly everywhere. See previous posting with link to restaurant's web site. There is a rodizo restaurant on McCarter highway about a mile from the NJPAC, and the Grille at the NJPAC was excellent the couple of times I was there last season. I don't know how late it's open. Give them a call.

        1. In the past 12 months I've eaten at Iberia Peninsula, Iberia, Spain and Seabra's Marquiseria. I'd rank Iberia as having the best atmosphere but thought the paella was slightly better at Peninsula (they have common ownership but separate kitchens and chefs). Spain was okay - Seabra's Marquiseria was very good and seemd a bit more authentic. They have a brown pureed seafood soup, sort of a bisque style with garlicy croutons floating in it - fantastic and tasty but very filling. The paella was comparable to others I've tried but not noticeably superior. It was my favorite of the bunch. I'm told that the Spanish tavern on McWhorter Street is very nice and more upscale than the other Spanish/Portuguese restaurants in the area but I haven't tried it yet. Major hassle of Marquiseria is no parking - have to try for a place on the street and walk there as it's off Ferry Street wedged in between other buildings.

          1. I've found Seabra's Rodizio (corner of Bridge st and NJ 21) to be fine. Not great, but fine. Figure $17 plus drinks, IIRC. It's about two minutes off I-280.

            Very nice deal for NJPAC nights. Free parking (saves $10) and a free shuttle bus literally to NJPAC door, adjacent to the NJPAC restaurant. The shuttle is waiting at the end of the show and runs back and forth on the two minute trip. One rainy night they dropped us right at our car in the Seabra lot (nice touch).

            We've used the Seabra bar (have a drink and take the shuttle) but I don't think they appreciate that.