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Mar 16, 2001 03:35 PM

Tenafly/Bergenfield/Engelwood/Teaneck Recommendations?

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Just moved to Tenafly, NJ recently and looking for good restaurant suggestions in the immediate area.

Thanks in advance!


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  1. When I was in that part of the world over Christmas, relatives from Tenafly took me to Samdan, a Turkish place in Cresskill (178 Piermont Rd., Cresskill) that was pretty tasty. It's Greek to Me on the main drag in Englewood is also not bad. Have also heard that Baumgartner's (a strange combination of Chinese food and ice cream shop) is good, but have only been to the branch in Ridgewood, which was pretty poor.

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      Michele Lifshen Reing

      Baumgartner's is a funky place - a hodgepodge of a's been a while and I've since moved elsewhere in NJ...but I think lunch and dinner are different - dinner is a chinese menu. But one think I do know for sure - they have excellent ice cream! I second It's Greek to Me - consistently good, very friendly. Also, there was a good Mexican, something with "Moon" in the name, Blue Moon, maybe? There is also a great, authentic italian bakery not far from Englewood - unfortunately I can't remember the name - begins with an R...anyone else know?
      - Michele

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        Rachel I walked by Baumgart's on friday -- yes, it is a weird mixture of chinese/diner and ice cream/desserts. Apparently it was owned by a jewish family for many years who sold it to a chinese family who kept the name and some of the traditions.

        We bypassed Baumgarts in favor of Bennie's Lebanese and Juice Bar right across the street. I must say, this is one of the best middle eastern/mediterranean restaurants I have ever eaten in my life with the possible exception of the stuff I ate when I was in Israel just before the Gulf War. In addition to great fresh juice combos, they have close to 3 dozen kinds of mezze and salads, killer felafel, amazing babaganoush and eggplant salad -- everything as fresh as can be. They also have 2 kinds of schwarma(!!) as well as the usual kebabs, deliciously done. Rachel and I had the dinner for two for $35, which included a generous platter of SIX mezze of our choice, plus chicken and lamb kebabs. Nonstop fresh hot pita service too. We were stuffed. Turkish coffee was done the real way in the little copper pot with complete turkish coffee service, amazing. 4 or 5 selections of baklava, we had the bulbul youvassi type, excellent. I have to go back soon.

        A word of warning: The lebanese must like things a bit spicier than the turks and the greeks, because several of the mezze we had had peices of very hot peppers in them. Rachel had one explode in her mouth and she was not very happy for about 10 minutes.

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          Could the Bakery be Rispoli's in Ridgefield; about 5 miles down Grand Avenue.

          Definately worth the trip, but only makes cakes to orders.

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        Rosie/Food Bytes

        America in Tenafly. Excellent.


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          Ate at America in Tenafly last night. The food was excellent. Presentation was lovely. Pricey ($160.00 couple) Would go back. Only one beef entree on the menu. Would like to see more beef on the menu.

        2. Welcome to my old nabe, Jason!
          Definitely try Baumgart's on Palisade Avenue. Very fresh and tasty Chinese, though rather timid with the hot factor. Terrific homemade icecream - try the dusty road, with malt powder and chocolate sauce.
          It's Greek to Me, across from Baumgart's on Palisade Ave. make lovely fresh pitas.
          Rush to Bagel's N More at 5 Hudson Avenue in Englewood, by the train tracks. Hand-rolled bagels that are my favorites in the tri-state area. Their cinnamon raisin bagels have really plump real raisins, not raisin paste like many places.
          Trautwein Farms at 515 Piermont Road in Closter is a long-time family run farm. They also make fluffy homemade donuts that are worth the trip. In the fall, they have hay rides! Summmer time brings great produce, some trucked from their other farm upstate, some just picked out back. (I'm envious of their field of basil - now THAT's a field of dreams in my book). Love their corn.
          House of Fish, 17 Union Ave. in Cresskill, has the best selection in the area, though Whole Foods in Edgewater is good, too.
          If you've got specific requests, let me know as my parents are still there and eating!