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Mar 1, 2001 06:52 PM

Where are Asian grocery stores near Stamford, CT?

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I am looking for good Asian grocery stores accessible by car from Stamford, CT. If you know anything, please suggest - I am interested particularly in Thai Grocers and Japanese Grocers. I have heard that there are some in Westchester, but I have no idea where they are.


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  1. I don't know whether it's good or not, but there's a samll Japanese market called Fuji Mart on Route 1 in Greenwich, just off Exit 5 on 95. Off the exit, make a left, and it's in what looks like an office building on your immediate left. I think there are a number of Japanese markets in Hartsdale off Central Ave. (Rt 100), but a Westchester expert would have to give you specifics.

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      Yes, fuji mart is a good source - mostly Japanese items. There's another japanese grocer in greenwich in Cos Cob, on Rte 1 500 yards east of Poricelli's food mart.

      Hot Tip: when the weather warms up, a Japanese man pulls his ramen truck into the parking lot of Fuji Mart. He puts out a picnic table. Great homemade ramen!! He's there live 5 nights a week.

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        I've heard the noodle truck is very good. The name of the Japanese store on Route 1 in Cos Cob is something like Harajukyu. You see the sign on the side of the store if you're heading westbound.

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        Just across the street from Fuji Mart kitty-corner is a grocery store in a strip mall. They have a limited amount of asian products, and dynamite fresh sushi, made while you wait, reasonably priced. Oink! Joy

      3. As is true of so many questions, the answer is Danbury.

        Son Atlantic Market 135 Main St 830-3068 all types of Asian ingredients, terrific exotic produce, uncured bacon. weekends, take out roast pork, duck, sticky rice, noodles, and sweets.

        for more stuff to do in danbury, plug the town name into the search engine atop our home page. Oh, and stop in nearby Bethel for Dr. Mike’s (don't miss "chocolate lace and cream) 158 Greenwood Ave, 792-4388

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          wendy jackson

          Jim is right about the Atlantic Market; I think it's the best around. However, if you don't feel like schlepping up here, the Fuji Mart (which rjka mentioned) is not bad for supplies and ingredients with a Japanese bent (I think they even used to carry sushi-quality fish). Also, there is a Thai market in Norwalk on Rt 123 heading towards New Canaan, just off the rt 7 connector. This place is best for dry goods, but they do have limited produce and frozen items. Are you looking for anything in particular?

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            No, I'm not looking for anything in particular - it's just that it's just really difficult not knowing where these supplies are available. Thank you all for your suggestions, I will try them all!


        2. Oriental Market is on New Canaan Avenue in Norwalk, a couple of miles south of the Merritt Parkway, exit 38. It is more Chinese and Korean than Thai. I haven't been there in awhile, but they used to bring prepared dishes like sticky rice, roast duck, roast pork, etc. up from NYC on Friday afternoon/evenings. It is much smaller than Atlantic Market in Danbury.

          1. I am surprised no one had mentioned Greenwich Produce on Greenwich Avenue in...take a wild guess...Greenwich. Close to the I-95 exit (3 I think).

            They're at the bottom of the avenue, on the right side, near the smaller movie theater and Richard's clothing store for men. They sell very good quality produce and dry goods. Incidentally they opened up a branch in the market in Grand Central last year. A bit pricey...

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              My recollection is that they don't have that many Thai products that you can't get in a good supermarket and they have virtually no Japanese ones. In general though the produce is excellent.

            2. The grocery store in White Plains is HUGE. It is located in the old White Plains mall on Hamilton Aveue and Cottage Place. You have to pay to park in the lot, though you can usually find parking on the street. Make sure you pay the meter on Saturdays! It's only free on Sundays. I got a $15 ticket because I did not feed the meter!

              Anyway, you can find mostly what you need here....the greens and veggies are fresh...all sorts of canned and packaged frozen goods to fresh dim sum and prepared lunch boxes for just $4.95.

              If you want to make a trip of it, you can check out Aberdeen Dim Sum just across the street from the parking lot. It's inside a Holiday Inn or Ramada Inn..something like that...but I've read the dim sum is good. Try a google can find some reviews on the restaurant.

              Just found an article online...the grocery store is called Kam Sen Foods, located at:
              22 Barker Ave
              White Plains, NY 10601
              (914) 428-4500


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                Not sure if its still there but there was a small Asian market in Stamford on Hope St, across from Hope Pizza in the same shopping center as CVS and the chinese restaurant. It was less food/more knicknacks but I havent been there in a couple of years. Oriental Food market in Norwalk is the one I always go to. They have a pretty decent selection and great prices. If they dont have something you need they can get it for you the following week, ex kaffir lime leaves. Also, the ming hong house in Norwalk which is mostly chinese takeout has a few things..tea, dumplings, noodles..but I wouldnt recommend shlepping there for the meager selection they do have.

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                  The Oriental Market on Hope St (CVS Plaza across from Hope Pizza) is still there, although I have no idea how it stays in business. They have a very old, meager selection of mostly packaged and canned foods at astronomical prices along with an assortment of gifts and dvds. Pine tree car air fresheners hanging above the food doesn't build confidence either..

                  Kam Sen in White Plains is the best Asian market I found in the area, but its a bit of a drive from FC.

                  Hope Pizza Restaurant
                  230 Hope St, Stamford, CT 06906

                2. re: plumerella

                  Thanks for the tip on Kam Sen -- I just went there and it was phenomenal for Chinese, lots of Korean and Japanese and Filipino, spotty on Thai but they did have fresh lime leaves cheap ($1.50 for about 20). I went looking for Thai sweet/thick soy sauce to make basil chicken and didn't find it but they did seem to have everything ELSE in the Golden Boy line, so maybe they ran out and don't get many Thai customers. Fabulous, fabulous place -- hanging BBQ ducks and pork, the whole bit.