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Mar 1, 2001 01:09 PM

Penang in Syosset - report

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Penang has opened in Syosset on Berryhill Rd, and I took my family there last night to check it out and compare with the other Penang's around the area.

First, the good news. The food is very good. The roti canai appetizer was as good as any Penang. The Char Kway Teow (my favorite)was terrific.

Unfortunately, this restaurant charges much more than the Elmhurst restaurant for the same food. The roti canai appetizer( simple crepe with curry dipping sauce sauce)is $4.50; in Queens, it's $1.99. The char kway teow is $10.95 in Syosset, but only about $5 in Queens. Across the menu, everything is at least double (or more) the price of the humble Elmhurst location. I guess they figure the people of Long Island don't mind paying upper-east-side prices.

Our dinner w/ tip was $95. That's for three entrees and three appetizers and one dessert (my son had the fried ice cream). In Queens, we usually have a hard time spending more than $25.

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  1. yikes, that IS expensive. but you pay for convenience.

    Also, not to rain on your parade, but it's likely that the top chef is working there now, training the kitchen. Same happened with new branches of Joe's Shanghai. They're great for a week or two then take a disastrous dive as soon as the good guy splits.

    So as time goes by, you may want to eat gingerly and track progress, especially at these prices.


    1. After a visit a few weeks ago, I like the trendy New York decor, but the food was beyond bad. I think it's geared for all the 'meat and potato' types that want to experience something not to far from a meal at Applebee's. - And not cheap either.

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        I would have predicted that a Penang in Syosset would suck. I and others have observed that the restaurants in the Penang-Nyonya-Baba chain tend to decrease in quality in more or less direct proportion to how far they are from areas with large concentrations of Malaysians and other east Asians.