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Feb 2, 2001 09:08 AM

Thai in Hicksville?

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Newsday had a blurb a few weeks ago about an Thai place opening in Hicksville (related to another thai place on LI-same menu) While Hicksville has a large number of Indian place (relative to the rest of LI) Thai places are few to non existant on LI .

I went to Newsday's web site and found since it's in the archive I'll need to pay to access the article. Before I go through that (or drive aimlessly around)
Anyone have any idea where this place is (or its name)

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  1. The restaurant you're searching for is the Lemonleaf Cafe, 536 S. Broadway, 516-739-3666. I'm not sure if it's open yet; you should probably call first.

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    1. re: Robin

      Thanks!!! It's greatly appreciated.

      At least I know where the Penang will be in Syosset (but will it be the "Good Penang")

      I'll give it a try and send in a report

    2. There's a Thai place called Shallot in Lake Ronkonkoma that Newsday and the NY Times raved over, but I didn't like at all. Use link below then scroll to the entry for
      Sunday, February 20.

      Hey, did anyone in your family go to Half Hollow Hills High School? I went to school with John and Liz Pace.



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      1. re: Jim Leff

        Well as Robin was very helpful with the info, it seems it's the Lemonleaf Cafe. I'll have to check for reviews of the other one. I am always afraid when any ethinc place shows up around here, it will be watered down very quickly for the locals (as they complain). With the exception of a few dosa places and an el salvatorian place (where my appearance caused a stir) most might try at least initally, but eventally follow this route.

        My brother's name is John (but he went to school in Bethpage) Were they Italian??