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Jan 23, 2001 06:32 PM

lunch options in Hoboken?

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I'm currently working in Hoboken for a small company that is nice enough to buy us lunch every day. After three weeks of various delivery options, I'm almost ashamed to say that I no longer look forward to a free lunch. Today's Caesar salad (and I really wasn't expecting much) was the topper: iceberg lettuce topped with Kraft parmesan. Period.

Does anybody know of _any_ decent restaurants in the area that deliver? Any kind of food would be fine (I'm a hound) as long as it's edible. I don't want my co-workers to feel that I'm too much of a snob if I start bringing my own lunch in lieu of a free one, but it just may come to that.

Many thanks.

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  1. try Bangkok City - great Tai food.

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      Bankok City is really awful--food- and service-wise. Try Sri Thai for both great service and food.

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      Steve Koppelman

      Deliverable lunch in Hoboken, eh?

      La Isla's lunch specials and sandwiches (except the awful "cuban burger") are mighty good, especially the cubano and the specials involving beef--good, tender carne guisada and boliche, fairly moist ropa vieja, and a good tasajo, though not sublime and chewy like you can get in Union City.

      There's Grimaldi's, same owners as in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and same great smoky, bubbly pizzas including individual-size pies.

      Not sure if Margherita's delivers, but their pizzas and pastas are swell, topped with mozzarella made a couple of doors down at Vito's, which incidentally makes a great hero involving said mozzarella. Speaking of, the Italian heros at Ruggeiro's are pretty good too.

      Cuban an Italian are most of what's good in Hoboken; and as for other ethnic, don't look for authentic, because you won't find it. Bangkok City and Sri Thai are both decent but pedestrian. Karma Cafe is good Indian. The only good Japanese (and it's nothing special) is Tamura II, though the sushi at Yama is adequate too. Avoid Kobe at all costs.

      Do not eat middle eastern in Hoboken. The "mediterranean grill" under new ownership near the PATH station is cursed, as though questionable meat comes with the lease, nice as the new guys may be. And Ali Baba or whatever it's called, far up Washington, is run by nice Palestinians who don't make good food.

      And for a $2 lunch of bagels and cream cheese, the best bagels in town by far are Hoboken Bagels. Crunchy outside, densely chewy inside. You know the drill.

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        Steve Koppelman

        Agh! Not "Ruggeiro's"! I had that name in my head from seeing a post about the disgraced celebrity-chef/white-collar-crook.