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Jan 19, 2001 03:24 PM

the priory, newark

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been invited to lunch at the priory restaurant (233 W Mkt St, Newark) in a couple of weeks. I've been told there is a coffee shop and a restaurant proper. Going to the latter. Anyone been and any recommendations? Thanks.

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  1. Haven't been there in years--what a beautiful space! The menu's changed since then; you probably know this already, but it's cajun now, and evidently they have terrific jazz brunches (although as we know, Jazz is Dead ;)). In the absence of any other info, their web page might be of interest:
    Have fun!

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    1. re: Alison
      yvonne johnson

      No, I didn't know it was cajun, so I look forward to it even more. I'd heard it had jazz, tho I'm not into it (apart from dollar brand on the piano, if he counts) so wouldn't know-in spite of the discussion on not about food board- if it was alive or dead! I'd looked up the web page that came with my invitation and was interested to learn the priory is also a community organization. I'll definitely report back.

      1. re: yvonne johnson
        yvonne johnson

        the building is impressive, though run-down. A church now housing a restuarant and community organization. the dining room has stained glass windows above the neat tables with thick linen table cloths. The food, though, was not that great. The cajun chicken was juicy, but did not taste of much. Fried fish was grey and slightly off-putting. Rolls OK. I didn't try the bread pudding, tho my companions liked it. One of them later said she had gone there a couple of times for dinner and the food can be OK but the service is hit or miss.