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Jan 1, 2001 11:44 AM

Tony La Stazione: Forgeddaboutit !

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A local southern Westchester (Elmsford) restaurant in an old converted Train Station; used to be great and have gone there often over the years. HOWEVER, on New Years Eve, wifey and I took in an early dinner at 7:30 pm. and were most disappointed with just about everything BUT the food. THE FOOD WAS REAL "GOOD" BUT EVERYTHING ELSE WAS WRONG !
Gnocchi Verdi was succulent with a light cream/cheese sauce and a great starter. The entree for us centered around Osso Bucco; this was huge with a succulent savory tomatoey sauce. It came complete with a marrow fork and the plate was TREMENDOUSLY delicious. Wifey had Veal Romagnola with four very large slices of veal in white wine sauce and nicely sliced roasted red peppers, muzzarella and fresh basil leaves with asparagus on the side. But what went wrong? We waited for nearly 15 minutes with no one to greet us or to check our reservations. Once seated, we sat near a OVERBEARING DJ with current rock music blarring. The waiters seemed frenzied and , after a long while, served us our cocktails. Warmed Compobasso Crusted bread in a basket with bread sticks and butter and olive oil bottle; this was quite good. When ordering, I asked for escarole as a sustitute for the rigatoni which came with the Osso Bucco; the waiter obliged and said that the house salad comes with each entree "automatically". While we were waiting for our starter, I went to the Rest Room, --I should NOT have gone!
The house salad never came and the bill wasnt either until I spoke up and practically wrestled with the waiter. The atmosphere was tawdry and tacky which had recently been redecorated with the worst seating chairs you had ever "felt". The whopper was a $5. p/p cover for the music and the meal came to $105. without the tip. Bad news despite the good food.........really! Its gotta be all or nothing! Go somewhere else!

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