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Dec 9, 2000 05:50 PM

What is going on at EFD????

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Does anyone know what's happened at EFD? I heard a rumor that the founder has left, which might explain the state of the cheeses and the shop. If he has really left, does anyone know what he's doing now?

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  1. It's funny you should say this. Based on all the good press about this place, I paid a first visit in late October and was really disappointed in the state of the shop and the range of stuff for sale (like virtually nothing beyond the basic cheeses-no butter, no mozzarella, one flavor sorbet, one flavor ice cream, almost no yogurt). I attributed it to being there on a bad Saturday. Maybe it was something else...

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      I was just up there a few weeks ago.. I bought the amazing butter, some sublime clabber, some cheddar, a peekskill pyramid, a pint of the vin santo ice-cream, a pint of the dark chocolate ice-cream and some other sundries.
      Everything was delicious, (as always)... Being that I drive about 1 1/2 hours to get here, I ALWAYS call first, to see EXACTLY what they have.
      This is not a supermarket. They don't always have EVERYTHING.
      Next time, call them...before you drive up there.

      1. re: Mr. W.

        I heard that the venture capital people kicked Jonathan out, and that it is now being run by a lawyer, and that there is in fact very little cheese being made.

        That is all hearsay, however, but the following is not: nothing there seems a good as it used to be, the ice creams and cheeses all seem to be lacking something.
        Even the butter isn't as good as I've gotten in the past, in terms of flavor. Also, my pound of butter only weighed about 15.5 ounces....

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          SO glad to have happened on this site tonight. Because of the notices it got in a variety of places, I had a plan to take a run to EFD this week! AND it would probably take me an hour to get there. As suggested, I will call first. Thank you all for the information.

      2. re: rjka

        The cheeses are certainly not what they used to be-now they are all covered with green mold and taste, well, moldy. I found that the Clabber is lumpy and grainy, not smooth and creamy as before. I can no longer cook with it as I did before.

        And the yoghurt: Yeech! Lumpy, greasy, and grainy.

        Jonathan's whereabouts? Last time I saw him at the dairy, at least six months ago, he was dealing with a death in the family. I heard that he is now working on a project upstate, and is not involved at EFD at all anymore. That might have something to do with it...

        I tried emailing him, and it seems that they took away his "creamery" email address, and all I got back was a robot message with a new email address: ( I've written him there, let's see what he has to say for himself.

      3. Sounds intriguing...and this Jonathan guy, sounds like the life-blood of the place. What/where is it?

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        1. re: magnolia

          Egg Farm Dairy. Their motto is: "Setting the Dairy Industry Back 100 Years."

          See the link below.


        2. I don't know what has happened at EFD or Jonathan. However, just a few weeks ago EFD had a booth at the Craft Show at Hotel Thayer at West Point. They had four or five varieties of their cheese. We bought some of each and it was a delicious as ever.

          1. See Jonathan's post to this list dated 12/21/00. He's doing new, cool things upstate.