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Nov 15, 2000 09:57 AM

Namaskaar - Paramus NJ

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I went to Namaskaar in Paramus (on Route 4 West, in the non-pictoresque Mall at IV) for the first time yesterday. I had heard good things about it, and thought I'd check it out for lunch.

In a nutshell, it was really quite good. I was originally disappointed to see that the buffet had very standard Northern Indian food (I don't mind that it's Northern Indian, I was just looking for more unusual dishes). However, once I tried the "chicken curry" and tandoori chicken, I was impressed. The food is not run-of-the-mill Indian food for Americans. The dishes (including, as well, a vegetable dish and a Daal) were extremely flavorful. Perhaps this is why I noticed a number of Indians and/or Pakistanis having lunch there, as well (I nearly always take it as a good sign if there are "locals" eating in an ethnic restaurant, as long as we are ordering off of the same menu).

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  1. Back when Rachel and I lived in Fort Lee 2-3 years ago we went to Namaskaar once or twice. But I want tremendously impressed with their food, especially since Ft. Lee has such a great Indian restaurant with a great buffet lunch (with dosas!) in the shopping plaza with the burger king up lemoine (forgot the name). Maybe they got better?

    What I really miss is not Namaskaar but the restaurant that used to be right next to it, Koreana. One of the best traditional style Korean restaurants I've ever been to -- although we had a phenomenal meal of various barbeques, banchan , pancakes and jap chae a few days ago between me and my business partners at Shin Goong Jin in Palisades Park a few days ago...

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      jonathan sibley

      Is that the best Korean Bbq restaurant in Palisades Park? I've been meaning head over that way some day.

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        Shin Goon Jin is definitely the one. Its across the street from Meson Madrid, a huge spanish place (which also makes a darned good paella and sangria)

        I highly recommend the pork Bulgogi and chadolbaggi at Shin Goon Jin, the Jap Chae and the scallion/hot pepper pancakes. And the bimbimbap.

        Apparently Shin Goon Jin has a private club in the back of the place, which is advertised in korean loosely translated according to my friend Andy Kim as "Room Salon". Apparently the local police knows what really goes on in there but they turn a blind eye to it.


      2. re: jason perlow
        Kelly Monaghan

        The Indian restaurant in the Burger King plaza on lemoine is called Maharani.

        I, too, was unimpressed by Namaskaar but crossed the bridge frequently to eat at Maharani when I lived in Inwood. The lunch buffet is not very good, but evening meals were quite nice. Not Jackson Heights, but then...

        1. re: Kelly Monaghan

          Really? You dont like their lunch buffet? Maybe during the week its different but on weekends it was quite decent.

          Looking forward to eating there again now that I'm moving back into the area.


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