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Oct 24, 2000 09:42 PM

Portuguese restaurants in Mineola, NY

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I hear there are some portuguese restaurants in Mineola. Where are they and does anyone have any recommendations.

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    Susan O'Grady

    I'm going to mess up this name, but Churrasqueria Barraida on Jericho (north side, diagonally across from Chuckles comedy club) was good when I went there a few years back - they do that all you can eat grill thing.
    I have friends who love Little Portugal on Mineola Blvd, a few blocks south of Jericho. My friends are from PR and swoon over the rice and beans there!
    While you are in the neighborhood, there is a restaurant about a block north of Little Port. which is called Rudy's Central American and Italian cuisine. I've been curious, just haven't had a chance to get there.

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      Try Lareira on Jericho Turnpike in Mineola. Their specialty is a grilled shrimp dish that sounds plain but is oh so flavorful.

      BTW, the Rudy's mentioned in the prior post is owned, I believe, by the same owners as the Dimaggio chain of Italian restaurants (Port Washington, Little Neck, etc.). I had the papusas there and they were excellent. However, nothing else seemed particularly interesting on the menu.