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Oct 21, 2000 01:46 PM

Oktoberfest...... ANY good German Rest's in North Jersey

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We used to go to the now, sadly closed, Oak Ridge Lodge, or something like that, in Milton, NJ. Absolutely fabulous German place. Live music, entertainment, and generous portions (unlike most German restaurants).

We have tried others. Mostly dissappointing. Like, Triangle Hofbrau is OK. Some place off 287 was just OK. Have heard you leave Black Forest (Newton area) hungry, though the food is supposed to be good.

Any suggestions for Oktoberfest out there??

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  1. Short of coming to my house where sauerkraut Alsace style has just been made and will be tastier tomorrow, consider calling Schuetzen Park in North Bergen. They're likely to have something going on. I don't know if Platzl Brauhaus still exists, and there's a place in Rockland County on 202 that does an Oktoberfest. I know its name begins with a "K" but can't think of it.

    How about taking a run to the Swiss Pork Store in Fair Lawn on Fair Lawn Avenue and doing your own party. One walk into there puts 50 pounds on you from simply sniffing the aromas. AND you can have as much as you want!

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      A BIG oops! Schuetzen Park, I'm told, is now an assisted living center. Bummer. The more I think about it, stereotypical "German" cooking has gone out of fashion. Luchow's in New York is long gone as are the Passaic and Hudson County places which folded with moving populations and suburban assimilation. Since I don't go out for that kind of food but occasionally do the real thing at home, what I thought I knew, I really don't. Sorry for out-of-date information.

    2. Are there any Oktoberfests going on this weekend in northern NJ?