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Oct 17, 2000 12:06 PM

Butera's, Woodbury,NY

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Butera's is the Italian Restaurant in the same shopping center as Laguna Grille. It has been there for approximately 6 months. The original Butera's is in Massapequa. I have eaten at both & thoroughly enjoy both restaurants. However, the biggest deterent are the lines to get in. Both will take reservations for parties over 6 people. When you sit down they bring over a plate of grilled vegetables for the table to enjoy, all very fresh & tasty. The portions are huge. Salads can easily be split between two or more people. I have tried a few pasta entrees and they never disappoint. Others in my group have had the steak, and fish entrees and they all seemed to be very good...again, very large portions. I will definitely return, if I can get in. I refuse to wait 60-90 minutes for a table for dinner.

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  1. Thanks much, Amy. Glad to know my chowhound intuition was correct on this.

    Amy's referring, by the way, to my 10/15 dinner diary ("What Jim Had For Dinner") entry about Laguna Grill, where I mentioned this place looked good.

    Have you tried Laguna Grill, yet, Amy? Would love any opinions, contrasting with mine or not (though please add them to the Laguna Grill thread, not this one, just for organizational sanity!)