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Oct 13, 2000 04:02 PM

Truly Great Food in Lower CT

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OK--I know it has to be there. But, where I can find truly great food in the Rye/Greenwich/Stamford/Norwalk area? I have not had luck in finding very good chinese for example.

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  1. What type of food are you looking for and in in what price range? I agree that good cheap food is hard to come by and that there is not a lot of diversity-the chinese is not very good-but at the higher prices there are some good choices.

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      It's definitely Manhattan-priced, but Meson Galicia, in an old section of Norwalk, is a truly fine modern-Spanish restaurant with a chef who spent several years cooking under Adria at the famed El Bulli and is a whiz at drawing unexpected, but very Spanish, flavors out of braised meat and fish. A wonderful wine list, too, with tons of Albarinos and lesser-known Navarras.

    2. If you're looking for good chinese I'm not too sure it exists in these area's. We've tried all of them in Rye/Portchester/Greenwich and have been very disappointed. However, there is hope a "Rays Cafe" has opened in Rye Brook on Ridge Street and it seems to be quite good.

      But does good Pizza exist at all in this area?

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        For deep dish style pizza, I like the Pizza Factory on Greenwich Avenue in Greenwich. They also have thin crust but I've never had it. Can't say that I've found anywhere with consistently outstanding thin crust pizza in the towns you mentioned.

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          I too love the Pizza Factory. I love the thin crust.
          My fav pizza is pepperoni, sun-dried tomatoes and mushroom (my creation, after much experimentation.)

          They used to have a fresh mozzarella pizza which they stopped unfortunately.

        2. re: Lisa

          Norwalk always had great brick oven pizza at the Bricks, and Piero's is pretty good as well. For Pan-Asian, mostly Chinese, Taipan in Westport, and Chan's Choice in Norwalk were my favorites. Truly Great is something I haven't had in awhile only because I don't go home as often as I once did.


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            Where is this on Ridge Street (ie., which shoppping center)? Any recommended dishes?

          2. In my humble opinion, the best pizza in all of New York is in Portchester at Tarry Lodge. Each pizza is dinner plate sized and made to order (so it takes awhile). This place has been in business forever and is almost always really crowded. If you go, try the Special (sausage, mushrooms, onions, and green peppers). I'm sorry I don't have the address, but I'm not sure that I've ever known it -- I've been going there since I was a kid and I just know where it is.