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Oct 6, 2000 12:33 AM

Laguna Grille, Woodbury

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Went to Laguna Grille in Woodbury recently (I believe it is on the site of the original Tofu restaurant).

They specialize in Latino/Carribean dishes. The decor was pleasing and the food was certainly flavorful. A long communal table dominates the middle of the dining room (a la Asia de Cuba?) but went empty for most of the evening.

The entire restaurant had the feel of an upscale chain. Is it part of a chain? Has anyone else eaten there? If so, what do you think?

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  1. This is not really a culinary reply, but the owner of Laguna Grill is a friend of a friend, and I spoke with him several months ago, as he was working on the restaurant, before it opened. It's not part of a chain, as far as I know. I have not yet been there, as I spend less time on the Island than I used to.

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    1. re: Lisa

      These guys started Baja Grill and sold it. Baja Grill was a neat-looking, California-style Tex-Mex place.
      I liked Baja Grill then, not now.

      I'll report on Laguna soon (I live nearby)

      1. re: Lumpy

        I liked Baja Grill even more than you did, back when it was good. Oustanding inauthentic "Mexican". I agree that it's not good anymore, though.

        I'm going to make a real effort to check out this latest place. Anybody know the address? They're too new to be listed at

        1. re: Jim Leff

          Laguna Grille is in the Edwards Shopping Center on Jericho Tpke. I believe it is at the intersection of South Woods Road. I did stop by for lunch once, when they first opened. I haven't been back since, it seems that this is now "the place to lunch" on the north shore. Very crowded & noisy.

    2. For a report of my experience here, see the 10/15 entry in my dining diary (i.e. "What Jim Had For Dinner").