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Oct 5, 2000 12:46 PM

Great Chinese Restaurants in Bergen or Passaic Counties?

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Fellow Chowhounds, I need fast help on this one --
we're dining out with the boss and his wife tonight and they love chinese food. Our fave place is in NYC, natch, and we don't know of any wonderful places in Bergen or Passaic Counties.
Please please please any help you can give me is very much appreciated.
Thanks alot!

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  1. r
    Rachel Perlow

    If you could be a little more specific on desired location it would be helpful, but off the top of my head I'd recommend Silver Pond in Fort Lee. I've posted about it before, so do a search for more details. Being only two minutes from the GW Bridge should be an advantage. Great fresh fish, too.

    If you're willing to be be a little more adventurous, there several Korean places in the neighborhood. I'd recommend Sin Goong Jun, 329 Bergen Blvd, Palisades Park, which is just a little further from the bridge. Or, for Thai, go to Bangkok Garden in Hackensack.

    1. j
      Jason Perlow

      I second Rachel's recommendation of Silver Pond, especially if you go for the fresh seafood dishes. The lobster cantonese there is of the best I have had, and I've had several business dinners and lunches there, so its definitely a safe bet to take the boss to.

      Silver Pond is a top notch Hong Kong style restaurant, and is one of the best places to go for Dim Sum in NJ. They serve Dim Sum for lunch every day but I like to go best on weekends.

      Theres also a Silver Pond on Route 10 in East Hanover but I think the Fort Lee location is classier. Food is equally good though.

      1. r
        Rosie/Food Bytes

        Sally Ling in Westwood. BYO


        1. Here's the update -- the boss chose Chengdu 46 -- and I have to say it was a disappointment. I've heard so many wonderful things about this place, and he had been there in the past and pronounced it good. It WAS good, but at those prices, it better be more than good.
          The Peking Duck was quite simply deep fried duck, no crisp mahogany finish...served in wraps -- $38 (this was insane). Celestial Chicken Rolls were mediocre for $18, the crispy whole sea bass was decidedly fishy -- and had the same sauce as the chicken rolls -- for $30 -- they had to be kidding! I've had much better at Taipei Noodle House in Wayne, both duck and everything else, for much less. We won't be going back to Chengdu. THank you all for your help and we'll be trying Sally Ling's soon.

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          1. re: Lydia
            Rachel Perlow

            It's too bad about Chengdu 46, I had heard good things about it too, what a disappointment. I'm sure your food would have been much better at Sally Ling's or Silver Pond. That reminds me, I've been to the Sally Ling's in Fort Lee (not the one the other poster recommended) and it is a lovely space and I recall the food being excellent. Another good one in FL is Snow Pea.

            Although FL has it's share of yellow-fried-rice-take-out-places, it's a amazing how many high quality asian restaurants can survive in one town when there's an appreciative audience.

            You mentioned Taipei Noodle House in Wayne, you should drive another 20 minutes up Route 46 to Parsippany and check out Noodle Chu some time. Excellent dim sum and roast meats in addition to fresh fish. True cantonese cuisine, as opposed to gloppy americanized cantonese.

            1. re: Rachel Perlow

              I forgot to mention one of my fave NJ restaurants was Silver Pond in E. Hanover -- there I found, finally, peking duck I didn't have to drive to NYC for, dim sum that made me happy, and the best chinese watercress around...they closed in July due to tax problems. the FL location is not giving any information. I have been to and I enjoyed Noodle Chu when we went a couple months ago, but I forgot to check if they peking duck. do you know if they do? Taipei fit the bill when I had a caravan of 4 cars and about 15 people planning on Silver Pond for brunch two sundays ago and we arrived to find them closed. Thinking quickly, I called Taipei and they not only had the duck, but the traditional dim sum "carts", which is what the relatives from Florida wanted. Done deal, and very tasty.

              1. re: lydia
                Jason "OH CRAP!" Perlow

                IT CLOSED???

                Shit! I cant beleive we havent been there all summer!

                I guess its just Noodle Chu or North Sea Village in our neck of the woods.

                1. re: Jason "OH CRAP!" Perlow
                  Rachel Perlow

                  We keep forgetting that it's not North Sea Village anymore, now it's Ocean King at 28 N Livingston Ave, Livingston, NJ (973)992-7056. I called and they do have Peking Duck, excellent dim sum and full of chinese clientelle. Only problem is its not on a major highway, but there's plenty of parking. It's in the Silvermans shopping strip, right across from Livingston Hardware. Easy to access from Rt 280 or Rt 10.

                  1. re: Rachel Perlow

                    I will be sure to try this Livingston one next. I, too, will miss Silver Pond, but am thrilled Taipei Noodle House is so close to Kinnelon...I'm telling you their duck rivaled Silver Pond's (which never needed advance notice, by the way), and Chengdu 46 couldn't hold a candle to either, AND their price was $38 for a plain fried duck, as opposed to the $26 at SilverPond and I think the same at Taipei. Chengdu was one huge, expensive disappointment last week. I hated it.

                  2. re: Jason "OH CRAP!" Perlow
                    jonathan sibley

                    Jason, how about China Gourmet, just off 280 in West Orange (by Pal's Cabin). If you haven't tried it, make sure you get the "Chinese" menu, too, which is bilingual. They also have roast meats (not sure about Peking Duck).

                    We'll have to meet up at Cathay 22, soon, too. I think you might like it.

                  3. re: lydia
                    Rachel Perlow

                    I knew I hadn't been to the East Hanover location of Silver Pond in a couple months, but I didn't know they had closed. I have their take-out menu here and it doesn't list Peking Duck, but does list roast duck, but I called to double check that they're still closed and there was no answer, and it's lunch time so they must be closed.

                    I called Noodle Chu (couldn't find my take-out menu - I take take-out menus even if I never plan to "take-out" - I'm a well trained chowhound!), but I did a quick search for my previous post and gave them a call. No, they don't have peking duck, but as I mentioned before they have all sorts of roast meats hanging in the back of the restaurant. At dim sum they do use those trolly carts.

                    Jay and I have always thought the Fort Lee location was the best of the three Silver Ponds (there's one in Queens, too, but I think they call it Jade Pond there), but we'll miss having one so close to home.