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Oct 3, 2000 03:50 PM


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Anyone familiar with Vivo restaurant in Greenwich CT? Opinions/recommended dishes?

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  1. I think that they recently (within the last week or two) took on a new chef. I also heard that the kitchen staff walked out en masse, so it might not be the ideal time to try this particular spot!

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      Really?! Wow, thanks for the news. This place had gotten really good reviews when it first opened and I had been thinking about going there for a birthday dinner in about 10 days. I will have to reconsider. Any ideas on any place nearby? I have been to Rebecca's in the spring and my girlfriend was not impressed. Thanks again!

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        I don't get down to Greenwich much (I'm exiled in the nether northern regions of Fairfield County), so I don't know if I can be that helpful. The Vivo thing came to me through my chef boyfriend and some restaurant owners in the area. It's amazing how much "musical chefs" goes on in our area.

        What types of places does your girlfriend like? What didn't she like about Rebecca's? My boss ate there earlier this year, and also was left cold. He didn't like the ambiance or the food, and he found the chairs terrifically uncomfortable.

        We tried Beacon in Stamford shortly after it opened. At that point, it was not ready for prime time, either for food or service (which was really dreadful). The potential is there, and I have been hearing better things about it recently. Both my parents and my doctor have told me that they really enjoy Sienna (on Summer St. in Stamford), but I have not been myself. I used to go to Columbus Park, but haven't been in years. It could get pretty loud in there.

        Aside from Telluride, are there places that you really like in the Stamford/Greenwich area? It would be great to get some intensive hounding going on the area! Keep us posted as to where you end up.

        1. re: wendy

          Its nice to find someone on these boards from this neck of the woods! Anyway, here's my take on Rebecca's:

          We both started with a double soup of squash and chestnuts, which was just totally bland. I then had medallions of venison in a lingonberry (I think) sauce with green spatzle, which was actually quite good, maybe excellent. My girlfriend had a fettuccine dish with smoked salmon and a cream sauce. This was the type of dish that might have worked as a small appetizer, but was overwhelming as an entree. the sauce was overly thick and rich and the salmon very heavily smoked. You could eat one forkful and think it was great, but you couldn't have more than two. Dessert was a platter of pastries, which were OK, but nothing special. My girlfriend was sitting against the wall on a long bench seat which she found extremely uncomfortable. Net, at the prices this place charges (entrees $30-35), I expect a very special experience, and the food was uneven and the atmosphere/comfort below average.