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Oct 3, 2000 12:51 PM

Sunmerry Bakery in Fort Lee

  • j

The previously posted threads about Yaohan and Ft Lee Pizzeria rekindled my memory about Sunmerry Bakery on Palisade Ave in FT Lee, in the shopping center with the Burger King across from Food Emporium.

Its one of these asian-run "french style" bakeries and they make all kinds of weird and tasty stuff -- there are other such places in the area but Sunmerry is the best in my opinion. My favorites are the pizza (oddly enough it looks like a rectangular junior high-school cafeteria lunch pizza, but you eat it cold, and man is it tasty), the curry bun (picture a football-shaped doughnut with a little bit of toasted coconut on the outside sprinkled with sugar but stuffed with potato/veggie curry inside, sort of like a weird soft samosa), chicken salad buns (like the curry one but with chicken stuffing, ham and cheese croissants, potato buns (essentially a potato knish), and the ham-onion/salad dressing rolls. They also make a good pre-prepared Chicken Katsu sandwich and a wicked baguette.

Stop there early in the morning while its fresh, cause the good stuff is gone by the afternoon.

Man would I kill to have a place like that on Wall Street.

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