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Sep 28, 2000 02:17 PM

Southern Westchester - Thai Grocery

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I thought some of you might be interested in learning about a Thai grocery in Yonkers. It's called TK Thai and it's on the service road on the east side of the Major Deagan (87) between Yonkers Avenue and the Cross County. It's set back in a three store complex on the right.

I buy the usual canned and bottled sauces and currys but also fresh green payapa, holy basil, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, mustard greens, thai eggplant, etc.

Check it out and post any other alternatives you know about.


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    other oriental markets

    Golden Village on Central Avenue in Scarsdale (same plaza as the Arts movie theater & California Pizza)is a full-service oriental supermarket -- everything from banana leaves to fresh chow fun noodles. They're largely Chinese, but cover Thai, Korean, and of course Japanese. There is literally nothing in the way of Chinese cooking supplies that you can't get there.