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Sep 27, 2000 08:57 PM

Cold Spring--cheap, good food & casual ambiance at the Euro Diner

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Cheap, good food & casual ambiance can be found at the European Diner (not your usual diner & definitely not diner food) in Cold Spring. This is a place the locals (who call it the "alchemical cafe") frequent. It specializes in breakfasts w excellent pancakes & omelets, as well as lunch & dinner specials that include sauteed trout with pesto sauce. Sandwiches & salads are also superb. As there is no liquor license, you can bring your own bottle. It is in an off the beaten track location: Perks Plaza on Rt 9, just north of Rt 301. All the cooking is done to order by the chef (CIA trained?), so the service is not fast.

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    Jessica Shatan

    I guess off the beaten path means you can't walk there from town???
    I am going to Cold Spring for the day in a few weeks on Sat. 10/28. We're going by Metro-North and I'll be with a group.
    Any suggestions?

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      The Main Street Cafe is good for lunch and if you want to spend a little more,dinner.(129 Main). Good simple food and friendly service.If you can, go to the Boscobel Restoration about a mile away near Garrison. Beautiful gardens,a great scenic view up the Hudson and a 19th century mansion overlooking the river with a charming tour.

      1. re: Jessica Shatan

        Dolcigno Tuscan Grill at 91 Main Street is very good, but not cheap. Everything is cooked to order, no fast food. ( On the other hand, it is a very small place so you won't wait forever!!)

        1. re: Jessica Shatan

          I'm not familiar with the diner, per se, but the described location is not walkable from the town of Cold Spring. Route 9 is several miles away (like 5-7, or so). It's a nice town, though, to browse around. I would get something to take out and eat by the river, which is quite lovely up there. And I second the recommendation of Boscobel (also not a walkable distance away...) Enjoy.

          1. re: Zephyr
            Josh Mittleman

            More like 2 or 2 1/2 miles, according to the map.


            1. re: Josh Mittleman

              That's entirely possible - it seems longer. It's hilly and I would assume not the way someone who is there for a day wants to spend it. But I've never measured it so you are probably correct.