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Sep 26, 2000 01:38 PM

northern jersey party site

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I'm throwing a surprise 50th anniversary party and need a tasteful restaurant/mansion/space in jersey (hoboken, montclair, morristown, and environs) with easy parking, that's not too expensive or tacky, can accomodate a band and 50 guests, and has good food. Suggestions?

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    Rachel Perlow

    You didn't mention a price range so I'm assuming you're expecting catering prices since you want to bring a band.

    Brooklake Country Club, Florham Park (Morris County) - not the ballroom, you want the members dining room, which is available any day for lunch, however dinner is only on the non-member dining nights (which I think are most Wed, Fri & Sat nights). It accomodates up to around 80 people. The chef (Jimbo) is excellent and the space is lovely. There is a piano near the bar and could probably accomodate a few more pieces.

    Disclosure: My parents are members, I got married there (ballroom), and I worked in the kitchen briefly about 10 years ago so I'm friendly with the staff & chef - if you call tell the manager that Rachel Perlow, Sandy & Bob Nash's daughter, referred you (not that we'll get any benefit from that).

    I checked the website and there is no mention of the member's dining room (I think it's officially called the Waterford room). This may be because it's mostly for members who want to book a smaller party than the ballroom holds (usually anniversary parties, small (2nd?) weddings, etc). So, you'll have to call & ask. It's definitely a quality room/place.