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Sep 22, 2000 04:33 PM

LI Wine Vineyards

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Has anyone been out to the vineyards on Long Island. I am trying to find out which are the best ones to visit.

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  1. Try Paumanouk on Route 25. Right around this time last year I was there, & they were having some sort of harvest festival. There was plenty of free cheeses, bread, crackers, & music. One of the owners even baked some homemade onion tarts. They also offered a very informative tour of their wine-making operations. Definitely worth a visit.


    1. My personal favorite is Osprey's Dominion right on the main road in Cutchogue (or thereabouts). Lots of different wines and consistently terrific. Excellent tasting room experience. Pellegrini is real good, also - more of an upscale atmosphere. You can't really go wrong with any of these. There is also a tasting room for Terhune Vineyards in a storefront in Greenport. The vintner does only red wines and does them very well.