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Sep 21, 2000 07:22 PM

restaurant to recommend in area from New Haven, CT to Larchmont, NY?

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Does anyone have a restaurant to recommend in the New Haven, CT area (or from the New Haven, CT to Larchmont, NY area)? I'm looking for excellent food, preferably in a restaurant with wonderful ambiance for a special celebration. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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  1. Try La Panetiere in Rye NY, Restaurant Jean Louis in Greenwich CT or the restaurant at the Homestead Inn in Greenwich. Also, La Cremaillere in Banksville NY or the Inn at Pound Ridge NY. The last 2 are about 5-10 miles north of the Merritt, which may be a little out of your way.

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      Imogene Drummond

      Thanks for the suggestions. Do you know anything about Valbella in Greenwich? Someone who had been there a few years ago suggested it. Do you know if it is still excellent?

      1. re: Imogene Drummond

        I have not been to Valbella, but I have heard good things about the food as recently as a few months ago. My guess would be that the atmosphere would not be as special as it is at the other restaurants I mentioned, but that might be a prejudice based on the restaurant that previously occupied the building, which was Tex Mex. Note that all these restaurants are pretty expensive (including Valbella), with the Inn at Pound Ridge probably the least expensive of the lot.

        1. re: Imogene Drummond

          My wife and I dined at Valbella about a year ago.
          It was one of the most pretentious places I have ever
          experienced. From the overbearing greetings to the
          phony wine treatment-I hated it. Can you imagine a waiter offering to decant a Beaujolais!! The food was
          only fair and terribly overpriced.I cannot figure out
          how anyone can recommend this place!!!

        2. re: rjka

          Another vote for Panetiere in Rye. Like being in France. Food is extremely pleasure-inducing and luscious. Expensive but less than airfare and hotel to Provence.

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          Paul Baumgartel

          In New Haven, there's the Union League Café; Roomba (a new, very popular Latin-cuisine place); Zinc, another newish spot with Asian-fusion cuisine; Scoozi, a fine Italian trattoria; and Tre Scalini on Wooster Street, also Italian and popular for celebrations. The food is great at all; the ambiance probably best at Union League Café and Tre Scalini.

          Close to New Haven, I just had a great meal at Jeffrey's in Milford. It's in an unpromising location (on a commercial strip next to an auto repair shop), but the dining room windows look *only* to the rear, where there is a lovely salt marsh and an unspoiled view. The food is fabulous, Continental-ish but distinctive.