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Sep 20, 2000 10:13 AM

A new restaurant (Caffe Lurre) coming to Pelham Hts

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Hi all,
I don't usually post here, as a Manhattanite but I wanted to let you know that a nice little restaurant just N. of SoHo, called Caffe Lurre is moving to . . . Pelham Hts, Westchester.
Read my post on the Manhattan board by clicking on the link below.


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  1. jessica: Your post was a sight for sore eyes! Months ago I asked for recommendations in and around Pelham and got ZIP. My daughter and son-in-law have bought a house in that area and this will be good news, indeed, for them. pat

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    1. re: pat hammond
      Jessica Shatan

      Great! I must say, with the restaurant biz the way it is I would NOT be surprised if it never materialized.
      But let's keep our fingers crossed and you daughter and son-in-law can report back to us soon :-)