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Sep 12, 2000 04:44 PM

Penang in Syosset!

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I heard the news today, Oh boy!
Roti Canai coming our way soon!
I wonder which side of the family will run this one: the overpriced & prententious Manhattan side, or the low-priced Flushing side.
Either way, I can't wait for my own local Char Kway Teow.

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  1. "Either way, I can't wait for my own local Char Kway Teow."

    Be careful, you might incur the wrath of Charles and his gang.

    1. Where is this going to be? Jericho Turnpike in Syosset
      has had a greater variety of stuff lately, including a decent Korean Noodle place and a supposedly soon to open Korean/Japanese place (There has never been any korean around here, had to get my fix in Flushing or Manhattan) I have the feeling its going to be the expensive one!

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      1. re: Phil Pace

        What's the name of the Korean noodle place, where is it, and what do you recommend?
        I think Higashi (260 Jericho) is one of the areas more dependable sushi places. Youse guys?

      2. when exactly is penang opening? december? january? anyone have a date?

        1. Penang in Syosset.
          Coming to Berry Hill Rd. where there was a Chinese restaurant.

          Can't wait!

          1. Ok , saw a blub in Newsday, seems it opened last week.
            4 Berry hill rd, 516-682-0682. Doesn't say much other than she had a "fiery, rich" shrimp curry and an "overly sweet" mango chicken.

            I'll give it a shot, but I'm not hopeful. Luckily Chinatown is a quick walk from work.