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Aug 18, 2000 10:20 AM

Fuffi Grill

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I'm going to Fuffi Grill in Irvington tonight. Any recommendations on things to order or to avoid? Any advise will be aprreciated.

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    Josh Mittleman

    We noticed that place on our way to Solera last night; how was it?

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      It was a pleasant, relaxing place with good service and excellent food. I will definitely go back. The mesclun salad was fresh and had fennel, endive, roasted peppers and some other things I can’t remember and was big enough for two of us to share (it was the salad special that night). There were four of us - the other two people shared calamari stuffed with shrimp, served on sliced sweet potatoes. I didn’t try it, but it looked interesting. The main dishes came with beautifully sliced and barely steamed string beans and carrots and also cut up roasted new potatoes. I had salmon served on artichoke hearts with a tasty sauce. One friend had cornish game hen, the other had the veal special and both were quite happy. The surprise for me was the Tuna. They say on the menu that it’s sushi quality and it was served sliced and lightly cooked. I never eat sushi and usually avoid fish that’s not thoroughly cooked. The texture and the taste of this were so delicious and satisfying though, that I kept stealing pieces from my husband’s plate. The four of us shared two desserts – one sensible and one decadent. The lemon sorbet (sensible) was served in a scooped out frosted lemon surrounded by slices of strawberries and other fruit that sat on ice chips. It was very good. The only really disappointment of the night was the other dessert. On the menu was a Fuffi –misu. The waiter said there was also Tiramisu (spelling?) but that the Fuffi-misu was better. The two had a few different ingredients. Even with the four of us eating it, we didn’t finish it, which says it all. It was heavy, gummy and didn’t taste particularly good. On the up side – we all felt noble for leaving dessert over!