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Aug 17, 2000 12:44 PM

ROUTE 17/Catskills/Delaware R.

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we're spending the weekend with friends in Callicoon, south of Route 17, after picking the kids up from camp in Catskill Park. Does anyone have any hidden gems of suggestions of where to eat in the Liberty/Monticello/Callicoon general area? Except for Tillie's Diner we have found it to be a bit of a gustatory desert, any advice much appreciated.

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  1. sorry, typed my email address wrong, it's correct as above

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      Susan O'Grady

      OK, this is an old one too, but it brings back such nice memories.....My husband and I went rafting on the Delaware about ten years ago. We ate at a restaurant called Tre Alberi, in Barryville. It is on the main road that runs along the river, near where all the rental places are for rafts and canoes. It was a pleasant No. Italian restaurant and we would always go back there when we did the rafting thing, but probably not for 7 years now or so. We also discovered a great cheap wine there, Principato, which I can only rarely find in stores down here.

      1. re: Susan O'Grady

        thank you all for the suggestions which unfortunately I mostly missed due to being AFK since Friday. However we ate at Lisa's Autumn Inn in Callicoon for a very decent experience. Basic American homey food, burgers, roast turkey that they actually roast, etc. My hamburger came extremely rare, as I asked (this almost never happens outside NYC) and was juicy and definitely not pre-pattied. The french fries were handcut and fresh. The decor is like some Italian family's living room (wedding pictures, etc.) with a few rather ancient B-list signed photos added, The waitress (I think she was actually Lisa) was genuinely friendly and willing. Salad was decent romaine with proper dressing. I thought my husband's manicotti and daughter's spaghetti looked a bit standard (didn't taste them) so would be inclined to go for the non-Italian food, but I could be wrong. All in all a very pleasant experience in a very town-that-time-forgot-ish place.

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      Josh Mittleman

      Read the old thread "On the road to the Catskills".

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        thanks very much, although a lot of the suggestions are three years old now--it'll be interesting to try and find out what's still around/has lasted. will report back any findings.

        1. re: Josh Mittleman

          There is an excellent place in Wurtsboro, the Potagerie. A garden shop with small restaurant on the lower level of the building.

          1. re: N. Patrick
            Josh Mittleman

            As we discovered in the thread I recommended yesterday,
            that restaurant is _not_ called "Potagerie". It is called "Potager's" (or, at least in some phone directories, "Potager and Parson's". You can find my review of it at the URL given below. It's basically a cute diner.