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Aug 15, 2000 11:47 AM


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Anyone been to Danny's in Ossining?

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  1. my better half was there to view some art. she didn't eat there, but said the place was interesting, cool artwrk, etc. we don't have word on the food sorry

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      Josh Mittleman

      Riva & I tried Danny's on Friday. We enjoyed it very much. It's a comfortable little place, roomy and airy, very friendly. The menu is home-style cooking with some nice twists. The meatloaf and mashed potatos were everything they should have been. The chicken empanadas were a little short on filling, but what was there was fine, and the dipping sauce was delicious and firey. A roasted whole plantain with a chile sauce was an interesting side-dish. Peach pie a la mode was splendid: Perfect peaches, excellent pastry, and cinnamon ice cream.

      They have a nice beer & wine list, and live music several nights each week. Friday night they had a very funky jazz trio, who started at 8:00 just as we were leaving. We stayed for an extra beer and a little dancing.

      Dinner for two with a beer came to about $45.

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        I’m really happy to hear that it seems to have pulled itself together. We went there soon after it opened and loved the concept and feel, but there were SO MANY things needing help. The wait staff knew nothing about the food, service was incredibly slow and inefficient, dishes came out missing half of what they were supposed to be prepared with, etc. etc. We went there a second time on Father’s Day, with reservations, and still had to wait almost an hour. Danny was apologetic, sweet and smiling, but basically said, “What can you do?” (I guess it could have been worse. At least we had music to listen to while we were waiting) It’s wonderful to have this kind of special place in the area – it’s an exciting, positive addition for Ossining and I very much want it to succeed. I didn’t want to say anything about my (negative) experiences until I heard from someone who’d been there more recently. Thanks very much Josh for responding. We’ll go back and try it again.