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Aug 8, 2000 07:17 PM

isabells/amsterdam ny.

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in the summer of 1971, I grabbed a construction job inamsterdam ny. there was a great place we would eat in, either right in amsterdam, or close by. called isabells, or isabella's. fabulous hearty chow, esp. the big seascallops. is it still there. anyone know of it?? thx in adv. 1971 was quite the year, grad. high school, grateul dead,mountain, fillmore east closing shows, caught the who in the albany area that summer. a great thread would be, your favorite munchie place, after a concert?? eh?? past or present.

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  1. Isabell's Restaurant is long gone...sorry! If you want to check out whats going on in Amsterdam now...check out for a directory of businesses and the like. Enjoy!


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      gee, thx for your rsvp. really dug that place, summer of 1970 & 71