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Aug 8, 2000 10:18 AM

Port Washington Eats?

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Looking for an interesting place in Port Washington with great food, nice atmosphere and value (or at least great food at premium prices, no disappointing expensive dinners). Any one have any ideas on where to go. If anyone says Louies I will have to throw my computer monitor out the window. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Slim pickins!

    It's not fancy, but your best bet might be Shish Kabob - good homey middle eastern. Besides Louie's (which has its own reasons for staying power) it's the only place in town that's really lasted - for good reason. Haven't been to the pricier Fish Kabob across the street, which is also owned by Ihan.

    If it's still there, the big Indian (Dawat? Diwan?) on Shore Road used to be good - I'm pretty sure it was mentioned on this board a while ago.

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    1. re: Lisa Z
      Toby Gorelick

      Was in Diwan over the weekend. They've changed their menu and it was hysterically funny. Mulligatawny (sp?) soup with porcini mushrooms and several other fusiony things...kind of Indo-Italian. But the basics are there, and their eggplant is sensational. Louie's is still there with a great location. There were clams in the chowder recently, cole slaw is great (one of my passions), and really enjoyed the steamers. I wish there were a place in Nassau for really great fried clams on the roadside. Used to be one around Cold Spring Harbor, but long gone. Anybody have a clue?

      1. re: Toby Gorelick

        Have you tried Bigelow's Fried Clams in Rockville Centre? Counter service only, those cheap, white paper plates, a glass pie dome with blueberry pie. It's in a complete time warp - funky and cute. Anyone care to opine? I'm just finding my "chow-voice".

        1. re: lisa sz
          Wendy Leonard

          I always want to like Bigelows--and sometimes I do. Fried belly clams and french fries are the way to go. The one time I had the pie it was inedible. The chowder is also not worth trying. As for the clams, well, they aren't equal to the better roadside shacks in Connecticut or Rhode Island--however I think it is probably as good as it gets out here--and sometimes it's pretty good. I think it must also depend upon the time of year. I know they buy shucked clams in bulk and sometimes I have thought they were bitter and old-tasting. Other times, great. I had them about four weeks ago and they were as good as they've ever been--sweet and briny, not overmuch breading, crisp. It's a little odd to me that I don't find them consistent because for years and years it's always the exact same people behind the counter doing the frying. I don't eat there more than once or twice a year so it's hard to discern a pattern. The fries are always excellent though. And I agree with Lisa, the place itself is out of a time warp and it is quite satisfying to sit at the counter eating clams and fries.

          1. re: lisa sz

            I've been to Bigelow's in Rockville Centre hundreds of's the best restaurant in the world...H

          2. re: Toby Gorelick

            About the roadside fried clam schack in Cold Spring Harbor - do you mean the one on 25A aka Northern Blvd? I think it's still there, just a seasonal business. I would check them out in June / July. Everytime we drove by there would be a TON of people lined up, with cars parked all along the roadside. They must make enough money to be able to close for the rest of the year!

            1. re: Toby Gorelick

              There is a place on 25A after Cold Spring Harbor but before you hit the turn off into Northport. We always referred to it as The Shack - no clue if that is the name. It is seasonal but has all the fresh fried stuff as well as great mussels.

              Haven't been there in a few years but last I heard it was still there.

            2. re: Lisa Z
              Wendy Leonard

              There is an excellent if pricey Japanese restaurant--Yamaguchi I think is the name--on Main Street diagonally across from the railway station. Believe it is the best sushi I have had on Long Island and is definitely the best broiled eel.

              1. re: Wendy Leonard
                The Turtle (Bay) Dove

                Have you tried any of the other Japanese restaurants in Port Washington? A few years ago, I had pretty good sushi at one of them and have never been able to remember where it was, but I think it was on the same side of the street as the train station. But, since I could never find it again, I think it must have closed/changed names/decor or something. How pricey is Yamaguchi (if that's its name)?

                I ate at the Afgahni restaurant there (Bamiyan?) about a week ago. It wasn't awful but it wasn't great, though the service was very nice. My mom's kebab came with a dish of rice with candied orange and nuts that she liked a lot but I was sort of lukewarm about. I can't believe I can't remember what I ate since it was only a week ago!, but I believe it was a stew with challow. The challow was uninspiring, but I do remember thinking the eggplant in the stew was particularly sweet. We shared an appetizer of kaddo in which I thought the flavors were sort of muted and muddy. If I was in Port Washington, would I return? Maybe. But I wouldn't go out of my way.

                1. re: Wendy Leonard

                  Yamaguchi is excellent. I met a man in Japan who had eaten there and felt it was better than most Japanese restaurants in TOKYO. Not a bad recommendation, eh?

              2. How about Louies?

                Myron (who needs a new monitor and is standing outside your window)

                1. I have an ancient, dormant tip in my files for a place called Carlo's. Anybody know it?


                  1. On Main Street there is a pizza place that has a sign in its window that it also serves Ecuadorian food. It was closed when we went by, but someone may want to check it out.

                    1. There is an Italian restaurant called La Motta's that's pretty decent. It's off the beaten path a bit - it's in the Marina at the end of Manhasset Isle (the community across from the Soundview Shopping Center).
                      The food is pretty good - and the atmosphere is great. Especially in the summer when you can sit on the outside deck overlooking the water.

                      Also, I haven't been in years - probably at least 10, but there is a Thai place called Siam Palace on upper Main Street. I loved it when I went - and if it's been there this long, I have to assume it's still good.

                      Also, there is a Mexican restaurant on Main Street right next to the train station called Amigos. This spot has been open for at least 15 years. I was there 2 years ago and enjoyed a great meal in a festive atmosphere with a really mean margharitta to wash it all down.

                      Another Italian choice is Pomodoro on the corner of Main Street and Shore Road. I can't vouch for the PW location, but I go to its sister restaurant of the same name and owners on the Upper West Side of Manhattan all the time. Reliable, consistently good Italian - pastas, chicken, veal, etc.

                      DiMaggio's on Port Washington Boulevard is great for pastas and pizza. They have dine-in as well as take out. It's a kid-friendly atmosphere.

                      And I have to second the nomination someone else posted for Shish-Kebob. In fact, I worked there as a hostess during a summer when I was in college. I still get cravings for the hummus.