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Aug 3, 2000 02:23 PM

Croton questions

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Looking for some chow advice for my aunt who will be in Croton for one night next week (mom's hometown). Having sifted through past posts, I'm confident enough that Frencesca & Mino's or Croton Colonial would do them fine (they're not real chowhoundish). My question: has anyone noticed if these places are wheelchair-accessible (i.e., no stairs at entrance or alternate entrance; restrooms less important)? My aunt's companion uses an electric scooter, and can't really neotiate steps. Same question for the bakery Jean-Jacques, and also does anyone know their address or at least street location?

Many thanks.

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    Josh Mittleman

    Without checking, I can't promise that I'm remembering correctly. You may want to call to check.

    My recollection is that Croton Colonial has several steps up to their door and no ramp, and Francesca & Mino's has at least one step.

    Jean-Jacques has a ramp. It's located on Croton Point Ave., just east of the Rt. 9 overpass. If you're coming up 9 from the south, the first exit for Croton dunmps you onto Croton Point Ave. just across the street from jean-Jacques.

    One place that I'm 90% sure is wheelchair accessible is Tony's Trattoria, 325 S. Riverside Ave., just up the hill south of the diner. It's not fabulous, but it's reasonably good and comfortable. They also have a wheelchair friendly restroom.

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      Thank you so much, Josh! I'll pass all this info on to my aunt tonight.