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Aug 2, 2000 04:21 PM

Hartsdale Garden dim sum

  • j

We went to Hartsdale Garden, on Rt. 100 just north of the four corners, for dim sum this past weekend. Since the last time we'd been there for dim sum, they completely changed their menu. The new selection is about four times as large, and they're now bringing round choices on carts. Pretty much everything we tried was good. Not great, but good. I was particularly pleased by the rice noodle rolls filled with beef, bitter melon stuffed with shrimp, a sort of seafood pancake coated with crispy shreds of taro, and fried seafood dumplings. My father-in-law loved the chicken feet. With four people, we were able to try about half of their offerings, so we're planning to go back to try the other half.

A generous meal ran about $15 per person.

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    stephen kaye

    good tip thx josh. dim sum carts only on weekends??? thx in adv

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      Josh Mittleman

      That's right. They serve dim sum noon to 3:00, Saturday and Sunday. The place filled up by 1:00 and was still jumpin' when we left at 2:00.