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Jul 28, 2000 02:30 PM

Mexican or Thai in Northern Westchester?

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Moved here a few months back, and am hoping to find a recommendation for Mexican and Thai restaurants within reasonable driving distance of Croton...

My taste buds will be very grateful to you!


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  1. Nancy--

    There's been tons of Croton talk...use the search engine on our homepage, or just browse down this board's index.

    you can't even find good Thai (with one exception) in the city, much less Westchester. But best Mex near you is down in Ossining, at La Puerta. It's half Portuguese, half Mexican, and the Mex menu looks extremely boring looking but the chef's great.


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Thanks Jim - I managed to browse through a lot of the Croton items in the board, and found a few good ideas, along with confirmation of my experiences of Croton dining. Just have to get used to going further afield!

      So, where do you like to eat Thai in NYC? I'm still down there four days a week for work - willing to try your suggestion!


      1. re: Nancy C

        I'd answer more thoroughly, but this isn't really the board for it. Pop over to the Outer Boroughs board and do a find for "sripraphai". that's the place!

        it's reviewed in my book, FWIW (link below)


        1. re: Jim Leff

          Jim - why wouldn't you reply to this here and you would reply to it in the Outer Boroughs board? Westchester is NOT an outer borough (at least it wasn't when I lived there. To me an Outer Borough - of Manhattan - would be Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, etc.), therefore THIS board would be the place to reply, right? I always come here to find out about Westchester restaurants, etc. Doesn't everyone else?

          1. re: adlai

            Sorry to asked about NYC Thai...which should be discussed on either the Manhattan or Outer Boroughs board.

            The place I recommended (it's great!!), Sripraphai, is in Queens.

            HOpe that solves the mystery, and that you make the trip down to Queens!


    2. j
      Josh Mittleman

      I know one Thai restaurant in northern Westchester: Swadee House, 886 Franklin Ave., Thornwood. I can't comment on its quality, though, since I've never much liked Thai food.

      We have a serious dearth of decent Mexican food in this area. Thanks to Jim for the pointer in Ossining. Up 'til now, we'd relied on Santa Fe in Tarrytown, which isn't great, but has a few good dishes, and Casa del Sol, in Nyack, which is decent if you stick to the regional specials menu.

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      1. re: Josh Mittleman

        Swadee House, 886 Franklin Ave., Thornwood

        This place is overpriced and always empty. I ate there once and had expensive spoiled shrimp. Needless to say, I've never gone back. Has anyone had a good experience there?

        1. re: Sharon A

          I've had okay food at Swadee. Edible but nothing to write home about. Not particularly authentic, too sweet, and definitely expensive. But was close to where I used to live, so I went now and again. I'm kind of surprised that you had spoiled shrimp, since I've never experienced that kind of ineptitude.

          It's not Upper Westchester, but I always thought Reka's in White Plains was better. I've enjoyed their unripe papaya salad, whole fish dishes and exotic fruits in champagne (minus the icky green minty syrup) for dessert. The purple sweet rice dessert is good, too.