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Jul 26, 2000 09:50 AM

West Point Area--where to eat lunch

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I am taking a day trip up to West Point soon and I was wondering: does anyone had any recommendations for where to eat lunch around there? Thanks!

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  1. There's a surprisingly good pizza place on the main street in Cornwall.

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      Is this the one with sort of a funny dining room setup (and and BIG attached bar area) that serves salads and other dishes also?

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        Not sure about that. We sat outside in the garden. We'd come mostly because it offered a shady place to sit and eat Italian ices, but we ended up staying for the pizza.

        It's called Prima Pizza.

        Not only do they make and sell pizza there, but they freeze and ship the pies all over the place (!?). See link below.


    2. Here is where the locals eat: drive a short distance north to Cornwall-on-Hudson. The Hudson Street Cafe has a CIA owner/chef. The prime rib,when on special, is the best I have ever eaten. Prices are very reasonable. There is a small dining area with counter; a second adjoining dining room. Just across the street is Painter's. It occupies what for many years was the Cornwall Inn. Food is very good; varied menu; prices considerably higher than at Hudson St. Cafe. Decor is art work in various mediums..all for sale.

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        Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. We went up on Saturday and took the two hour tour -- lots of interesting information with a bit of propaganda. We were going to try the pizza place that came so highly recommended, but I forgot the address on my desk! Instead, we ended up in a bar/dining room outside the main gates called Schade's (sp?) where I happily indulged myself with an excellent Patty Melt (its been years since I last had one) and decent home made lemonade. I wouldn't go out of my way, but it appears to be a cadet hangout and we were surrounded by cheerful, well-groomed, and polite young men and women. It is a nice day trip from NYC and the museum is not bad either.

        Thanks again to everyone for their suggestions.