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Jul 21, 2000 04:27 PM

Fiddleheads and Kitchen, A Bistro on Long Island

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Anyone been to Fiddleheads (Oyster Bay fish house) or to Kitchen,A Bistro (St. James)? I've heard good things about both, but would like to hear from fellow chowhounds.

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  1. I tried Fiddleheads about a week ago & was pleasantly suprised. The menu was interesting, I would say "New American", mostly seafood with a cajun influence. I had a lobster salad appetizer & tuna entree. Everything was prepared well & beautiful plate presentations. We did not try the desserts but they sounded excellent. I will definitely return in the near future.

    1. Kitchen, A Bistro: Superb, funky, fabulous!

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        Susan: What's the scoop on Kitchen, A Bistro? I have heard that it is essentially a one man show (chef doubles as waiter), with creative French-inspired cuisine, served in a small, very unassuming restaurant. No menu, per se... just daily blackboard specials. Is this accurate? Please fill me in.

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          Kitchen, A Bistro is definitely a one man show, and Robert Dixon, who is the owner and chef, puts on a great one! The restaurant is very tiny (seats 30 max) and reservations are taken on Friday and Saturday for dinner, 6 PM or 8:15 PM. There is no printed menu, just a blackboard. Food is creative, eclectic and fabulous. We were there this past weekend for a private party and it was wonderful.

      2. I've been to Fiddleheads about 4 times, but would only say that its "OK", some nights better cooking than others, portions are huge, desserts aren't very good (they definitely sound and look better than they taste), and that the seafood dishes (the restaurant specialty) could stand to be more assertive in flavors, texture, and execution. Not a place to make a special trip for, but I've heard nothing but good things about Kitchen, A Bistro.