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Jul 10, 2000 11:36 AM

Panama Hatties - anyone have an opinion???

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We went to Panama Hatties last night for the second time. Last time was with friends about a year or two ago. I checked old Chowhound postings from last year, and have to report that the fixed price dinner has gone from $58 to $79 ($109 with wine). We opted to order off the regular menu, and ended up spending the same amount per person.
Was it worth it? I have to say it WAS fabulous....we did the pre-appetizer cheese platter, which was fine. I had a salad appetizer special (micro greens with red and yellow beefsteak tomatoes in a champagne vinaigrette) which was good, and chicken with baby artichokes and shitaki fries, which was outstanding. Dessert was "Tropical Madness" or something, coconut ice cream surrounded by tropical fruit salad....I wanted to lick the plate. Everyone else loved what they ordered and thought their dinner was the best, so there was little sharing!
I think the food was better than my first visit, but the prices are way up. And it does seem a little silly for this Huntington Station strip mall to have such a pretentious place. Like someone said in last years posting, I have never had my table crumbed that many times during one meal!!!
Anyone else have some thoughts on this????

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