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Jun 28, 2000 12:22 PM

Greene County, NY

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My wife and I are going up to Greene County, NY for a long weekend (specifically Wyndham, NY). Are there any not-to-be-missed experiences up that way? Or does anyone have any general recommendations?


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  1. My friends and I regularly camp near Peekamoose Mtn. in the summer months. Some fun activities you may want to try: If it's a hot, sunny day, go tubing in the Esopus River at the Town Tinker "" in Phoenicia, NY. The water is cold, and you should wear an old pair of sneakers due to the rocky bottom. The rapids you encounter along the way are just enough to be fun without being dangerous. Depending on the date, you may be able to catch one of the Summer Festivals at Hunter Mountain. I have been to the German Alps & the Celtic Festivals, and they were both quite enjoyable, with ethnic food, music, various goods for sale, & other activities. Check out "" for more info. If you are into hiking, there are many fabulous trails with great views. Visit "" for more info. My favorite hikes: Indian Head Wilderness - Overlook Mountain Trail - you can see the ruins of the old hotel, a very pretty lake, and a terrific view atop the fire tower at the summit. Or, visit North/South State Park, near Tannersville, NY. Among the many trais in this park is the Escarpment Trail, which includes the site of another old hotel, waterfalls, and outrageous views of the entire Hudson Valley! See "" for more info. You could also take a ride on the old Catskill Mountain Railroad for more great nature views. See "" for more info. As you can see, there is a wealth of information on the net, should you wish to poke around some more. Hope you have tons of fun!

    1. Funny,

      I'm going that way too this weekend and was looking for any interesting restaurants, ethnic or otherwise. Actually a friend of mine who has a house in East Durham recommended some places I'm having difficult locating. I'm passing them along to you. If you have luck send it back
      The Freehold Inn
      The Emerson Inn
      Tory House in Schoaharie County (Sp?).
      She said the road from Middleburg to Cobbleskill is particularly beautiful.
      When I've visited her, I always loved going to this old town Oak Hill....which, unfortunately is getting newer everyday. But it was untouched before and has antique shops if that suits your fancy.
      Anything you discover, please share, if possible.
      We got a last minute reservation at the Frederick's Victorian Inn in Plattesville or kille, not sure.
      Any recommendations for inns, etc.

      Glad to see someone else on the line. Greene County is breathtakingly beautiful.
      Have fun.

      1. I found this hold post, and am going to Greene County tomorrow (from NYC). Did you find any great markets or restaurants you'd recommend? Thanks.

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          I had a good experience a Angela's Italian Family Restaurant in Cairo a couple years ago. If you are into water parks, check out Zoom Flume too! (