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Jun 26, 2000 01:22 PM

New Haven BBQ

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Bosco's BBQ, less than 5 minutes off the Merritt Pkwy. in north New Haven (CT) has great barbecue and some excellent, traditional Southern-style sides. We had the tender ribs in a vinegar-y, tomato-based sauce, macaroni and cheese and potato salad and would recommend all.

This place is run by a family out of their front yard on Fridays and Saturdays.
To get there from the Merritt, take the route 10 exit (exit 60), and go south on 10. Rt. 10 is also known as Dixwell Ave.It's on the 600 Block of Dixwell near the corner of Brewster.

You can't miss the three giant smokers on the front lawn. There may also be a line of neighbors and local workers waiting for their orders.

Has anyone tried the barbecue stand up the street?

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  1. Do you know a barbecue place called Joe Grate's? (That may be the place up the street that you refer to -- it's on Dixwell.) When in New Haven (my hometown) recently I saw a story in the Register about the place, and I vowed to try it next time I'm in town. Now I'm going to have to try Bosco's too.

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    1. re: Chris E.

      I think Joe Grate's is probably the place I saw on my way back out of town. I haven't tried it, but it looks like it's worth a try. I'd be interested to know what it's like if you try it ...

      1. re: christy

        Joe Grates is excellent. Joe and Peggy make some very fine BBQ. Bosco's is also very good, but seasonal and thus harder to depend on.
        To try two completely different BBQ styles, try Joe Grates in New Haven and Wes' in Providence.
        I wonder if Bo's BBQ Barn is still in business, in downtown new haven. It was sauceless slow cooked smoking...
        for another style, Red Bones in Cambridge MA (near Tufts) makes an excellent dry rub. Try the combination platter at lunch for _all you can eat_ ($8.50).

      2. re: Chris E.

        Joe Grate's is awesome. Best bbq place I've found in the area. I work around the corner and try to get lunch there at least once a week.

        Wasn't aware of Bosco's.

      3. Thanks for what sounds like a great find, Christy! Does Bosco's operate all year long or just in the summer?

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        1. re: Dave Feldman

          Sorry. I neglected to find out whether it was year-round. I suspect not, but you never know.

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            Not to stick my nose in, but they are seasonal. April or May, they said, until late September or even October. Depends on the weather.

            And for anyone who goes, ask Mr. Bosco about the extra hot sauce. He's got different options depending on your taste.