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Jun 20, 2000 04:43 PM

Saratoga Restaurants

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Going to be in Saratoga Springs and would love some names of restaurants in the area. We consider ourselves foodies, but don't eat Beef. Thanks.

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  1. do not by any means miss Hattie's Fried Chicken. Get address info from, or ask anyone there in town.

    now that I've given the obvious choice, hopefully others will chime in...

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Hattie's is on Phila Street(pronounced "fie-luh")just past Ben and Jerry's, about a block from Broadway. Hattie McDaniel and her husband Bill took a well deserved retirement about 3-4 years ago and the young woman who took over from them has been wise enough to retain moderate prices, preserved all the best original recipes and expanded/updated the menu in addition to now offering alcohol. There is also now covered courtyard seating and if the weather's warm it's the best palce to sit. Their fried chicken is the world's best, bar none. A statement subject to contention but I've eaten there with African-American friends, two of whom spent many years living in the South and agreement was unanimous. Also try Bruno's for casual atmosphere and amazing woodfired pizza. Bruno's was making woodfired pizza long before it became trendy and theirs is among the best I've tried anywhere. There's a fresh pasta place with a cutesy name on Broadway that I haven't tried but it was recommended by friends. I have also eaten at Scallion's on Broadway - kind of a lacy, contmeporary, bright atmosphere and food options on the light side. Tried a fantastic chilled peach soup there years ago. Hope this all helps.

      1. re: Owen O'Neill

        The pasta place you refer to is Wheatfields. Have eaten there several times and never been disappointed. But, like all of Saratoga, best to eat off-hours if you're there when the ponies are running.